Instant Blogging of Preznidenchural Address

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1. Misrepresented reason for multimillion-citizen rallies against the Republicans' severely stupid Latino-baiting.

2. Ooh, employers have no idea that the brown folks with limited English skills are illegal because the Messicans is using forged documentation!

3. Bush: "We are a nation of laws." My mom: "You oughta know: you break 'em every day."

4. Goes from "we do not have full control of the borders [doesn't mention ports, natch]" to "we do not have full control of the border [singular]". Mmm-hm.

5. We will deploy predator drones to take out day-laborers. Yay!

6. The National Guard (that which can be spared from the Middle East) will be stationed at the border. Fuck you, New Orleans. If there's a tornado, fuck you Texas. If there's an earthquake, fuck you San Francisco and Los Angeles.

7. David,
you get a cookie from the fucking Oracle.

8. The invading Mexicans are so desperate to clean our pools and pack our meat, what can we do? They're practically begging to be part of an enormous corporate slave labor pool. So let's give them what they want. Also, stop hitting yourself. Why are you hitting yourself? You're pretty stupid to be hitting yourself like that.

9. Amnesty is a four-letter word.

10. I think the penalty for entering the country illegally should be to do what they are doing already: paying taxes, working, and trying to learn English.

11. Here, I will deign to share a condescending story about a Mexican immigrant who earned citizenship by fighting in my war. Muy excelente, Guadalupe!

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We will deploy predator drones to take out day-laborers. Yay!

well if it works* on brown people on one part of the world, it oughta work on brown people half a world away

* doesn't really work

The son-of-a-bitch contradicts himself; then, as if expecting everyone to call bullshit, denies his obvious contradictions...not through Tony Snow, but to our faces!!! Brilliant!

I couldn't listen to the boob.

And I can't believe he didn't say nucular.

All along, I thought you didn't like George Bush.

I like it when he says nucular. It makes me feel safer.

It's just bait and switch so dumb ole middle America forget he is the reason oil prices are sky high. Oh yeah, that and Dick Cheney and the military industrial complex.

My favorite was "I know some of your parents and grandparents are immigrants." To which I replied, "No, my people came here and stole this land fair and square from the Native American Indians. Oh yeah, and my great grandfather on the other side came as cargo so he could escape Nazi Germany because you wouldn't help him. Of course you know best, the hatred of Jews started with Hitler. Uh-huh. "

He needs to pack it up and return to Crawford where he can be burned at the stake.

I would watch that, as long as the rest of his crew of thieves burned with him.

It would be like that little boy they keep in the closet in that U.K. LeGuin (or whoever wrote it) story about the uptopia that forces one child to suffer so they can have eternal happiness and bounty.

who is Bush?

Just watching Tim Russert, who's pretending not to know how virulently racist Bush's base is when he says that the line about finding a "rational middle ground" is going to help him across the board. But now Katie Couric's totally checking him.

She's got her serious, Ashleigh Banfield glasses on. Ooooh.

Ashleigh Banfield is Canadian.

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