Happy Mothra's Day

Ore : 9:42 AM

I know we've had our differences over the years -- mainly when you destroyed my scale model of Tokyo and killed all those poor, tiny Japanese people residing therein -- but I love you anyway, you enormous, psychedelic, radioactive monster, you.

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Comments for Happy Mothra's Day
Darling, I posted a Sunday hottie for you. Because I care and shit.

= )

crazy gaijin

we all came out to mothra on the lake geneva shoreline..na nana nana nana smooooooke on the waaaaaater, a fire in the sky!

I fuckin LOVE Mothra. Especially the two little japanese twins that sang to him.

Go check out our buddy Dani the homophobe. Phronk & I have been giving her a really hard time.

Mothra shall be fed to the all devouring Helob!

Here's my mom.

My mothra will defeat your mecha-mom.

With the help of The Cure's Robert Smith, of course...

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