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Really, San Francisco Bay Area conservatives are odd creatures. There's something almost comical about these people, whose votes never count in elections, who love all the benefits of living among and daily sparring with the vast liberal population whose politics -- nay, whose very lives -- they, with their ever-ready smirks and smugness, are always poised to denigrate.

They go through their entire lives thinking there's some sort of rational middle ground only they can see, and that
they are its eminently sensible denizens:

Want to find them? Want to discourage more people from coming to America so they can work here illegally? Squeeze employers.

Debra J. Saunders, I never in my life thought I'd live to write these words, but you, for once in your haphazard and inexplicable career, are absolutely fucking correct. I would however hasten to expand on this by saying, "here is where the rubber meets the partisan road." Because anyone who in earnest hopes to expect any sort of squeezing of or censuring of or cracking-down on employers of illegal immigrants by a Republican-run government truly is living in a land of supply-side gumdrop trees and gossamer, fairy school vouchers.

Her Ragged, Condescending Puffiness is bemused and bewildered by the notion of stationing National Guardsmen and women at the border. How can she so completely fail to grok? This is just par for the course: whenever has the Republican party not been about shunting public monies into a private sector which has done absolutely the opposite of what it might take to earn them? In this case, taxpayer dollars are going to pay for a camo-uniformed smokescreen Bush hopes will distract from the fact that he intends to do fuck-all about those who knowingly employ illegal workers.

At one point she quotes noted yahoo
Mark Krikorian, who states, "In the White House they think that anybody who is concerned about immigration must be a yahoo."

Gee, Debra, I wonder why that is?

PS To anyone who reads the article, yes, I'm well aware that she gets virtually everything else wrong. As usual.

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Every few years the employer gets a letter from the gubbemint: um the SSN listed for Fernando Valenzuela is actualy for a 3 year old boy named Jimmie Dale Gilmore.

Employer: Fernando what should we do about this *wink wink*.

Fernando: Woopsie, my bad, my actual SSN is .....

Employer: Thanks!

Rinse wash repeat. It's time to end this charade and accept the reality that there's a shit-load of problems with a system that forces otherwise honest people to either wink at or ignore the law and puts the 'migrants' in life-threatening situations while crosssing and supports a whole network of true criminals (coyotes, extortionists and paper forgers).

I worked as an assistant manager for a catering company and had to hire some new people once. Three girs all were recommended as skilled for the job and it was siad that they had worked at otehr places around DC. They all tried to hand me the same social security number written on a piece of paper. I don't have my SS Card, my Dad lost it and I can't be bothered to get my ass out of work long enough to fill out the form, but I couldn't let that slip by. I asked them for their individual cars, figuring that maybe they misunderstood my broken Spanglish. Same deal. I had the Head Waiter come ask them in Spanish. Same deal. I told the three skilled girls, Sorry, we can't hire you with out green cards or SSNs and they left. I ended up hiring to kids who sucked but had the docs as far as I could tell. If they had been forgeries, I am not trained to tell the difference.

This is not what is happening. I am sure that some (less than or equal to half) hiring managers are being duped but some (the remainder) are deliberately hiring illegal immigrants and students without work permits.

I'm looking at you, Armands Pizzeria.

"I am sure that some (less than or equal to half) hiring managers are being duped..."

Chuckles, I'm inferring from your construction an untoward level of generosity. I would hazard that most -- perhaps virtually all -- employers who hire illegals know exactly what they're doing.

But I hear you: for a time, I worked as a dishwasher at a shitty family restaurant. And I was worked inhumanly hard. Why? Because I cost more for my shift than did the two illegal guys combined who worked the shift before mine, between them doing the exact same job I did.

OMG, DA's friend is exactly that Republican in San Fran area. He thinks it's funny. He is a great guy for drinking with, so it was kewl in my book.

Teh: I would wager that it is much worse than less than or equal to half, but I have no facts to back up my claim. I am also not a total chunderloaf like the cobagz at SAL, so I won't treat my opinions as anything but opinions. Which is why everyone loves me, I guess.

Well, for that and my massive wang.

Oh chuckles, I know those are the reasons why I lurve you...

teh - Ol' Debbie the Token Chron Con is also right* about the Drug War ... and even on occasional other issues. But every time she writes something halfway rational, she spoils it with an equivocation or outright wingnuttery. Like, she had a good column on Republican corruption a few months ago, but just had to caveat it up with an unnecessary (and counter-factual) poke at the Dems.

Personally, I believe she is pretty rational (compare her to her fellow Townhall columnists ... she sticks out like a one-eyed person at a Braille convention). But she's solidly wrong on some of the biggest issues, and she tries to prove her bona fides by taking the wingnut tack on others that I suspect she doesn't feel all that strongly about (i.e. the greatness of Bush).

AG - Yeah. Simon. Wonderful guy and a great pal ... but horrible politically. Still, he's not a wingnut in the sense of ever calling into question liberals' patriotism or any such nonsense. He's more of a libertarian, anyway ... someone who likes his tax cuts and is willing to turn a blind eye to the fundies and imperialists pulling the same lever as him.

We argue, of course, but not maliciously. And there is always a raised glass at the end of our squabbles.

*No pun intended.

Oh, AP, in light of some of Debbie's bouts of wingnuttery you in a seemingly forgiving tone admit she's indulged in, I have no compunction about being malicious where she's concerned. You know she can be downright nastier than a sackful of rattlers when she wants to be.

Besides -- that smirky headshot. Come on.

Malicious-ify away on Debbiekins, teh. I find her to be a horribly sneering writer and, yes, the headshot's painful.

Just pointing out that with her, it's pretty clear a lot of it is a pose to prove her righty bona fides, as opposed to out-and-out Kool-Aid addiction.

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