3X3 Meme

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Because I've totally been remiss in providing enough mindless filler...

Three favorite books in translation:

The Plant, The Well, The Angel by Vassili Vassilikos
Borderliners by Peter Hoeg
A Personal Matter by Kenzaburo Oe

Three condiments you can't live without:

Pickled ginger
Soy sauce

Last three meals you ate:

Lunch: egg salad on rye with kettle chips and baby carrots
Breakfast: applesauce and a piece of chocolate cake
Dinner: catfish, fried potatoes, and spring green salad.

Top three albums in rotation:

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: "Show Your Bones"
Deerpen: "Wayward"
Wolf Parade: "Apologies To The Queen Mary"

Names of three pets, past or present:

Miss Biggie
Chunky Dora

Three favorite flowers:

Apothecary rose

Three favorite drag names:

Taters Honeywell
Gonorrhea De Janeiro
Suppositori Spelling

Three sexiest musicians:

Dan Bejar (New Pornographers)
Samuel Beam (Iron & Wine)
Will Sheff (Okkervil River)
(oh, shit, I just realized they all have beards...)

Three mortal fleshbags upon whom you believe this meme ought to be foisted:

Madame "R"

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Comments for 3X3 Meme

I already did one for you!!

Oh, Christ.

Oh fuck! I meant: Oh Dani!

No, I meant, I've already filled out a meme for you and now you want another.

You are a demanding mistress, Teh.

[cracks whip] Don't question me!!!

Three favorite books in translation:

who has f***ing time to read? Clogging takes up ALL spare time. Goddamned clogging...

Three condiments you can't live without:

dijon mustard
teriyaki sauce

Last three meals you ate:

Lunch: Chinese take-out
Dinner: cheese & celery, turkey sandwich, 4-bean salad
Breakfast: bran flakes cereal, coffee

Top three albums in rotation:

Depeche Mode: Violator
Sarah McLachlan: Remixed
Madonna: Confessions on a Dance Floor

Names of three pets, past or present:


Three favorite flowers:


Three favorite drag names:

Anita Cocktail
Helena Handbag
Sofonda Cox

Three sexiest musicians:

Sam Roberts
Trent Reznor
Jack Johnson

Oh, honey, Jack Johnson? Blech.

C'mon... he just wants to kick back, light one up, shuck those board shorts down to his ankles, and get freaky witya. C'mon, he's all salty from the surf... washboard abs... nice sexy tanline...


Gonorhea de Janeiro! Sofonda Cox!

Helpless, I am, with laughter.

madame: blech, I say, blech -- DON'T QUESTION ME!!!

tornwordo: yeah, it sucks that I had to leave out Sharon Needles and Dinah Aids...

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