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I didn't get to the last post's comments before posting this, but this story, small and local though it is, is just too goddamned fucked up to ignore.

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These are the stories that make the whole Bush crap really want to make you scream. The personal is not political. Bush and Co. need to get lives. Maybe if Laura was laying him properly, he wouldn't be trying to get power in the White House and he'd be too busy to get some lacky to draft policy. Grr. That got me all riled up.

Well...that's why It's Hard to be a Republican

Unfortunately in a lot of these cases the judge's hands are tied. The judge isn't allowed to use his judgment or discretion and has to follow something akin to the mandatory sentencing laws.

you know, i've always wanted to know what the year 1911 was like. and, hey, now i do!

up next - how many hours a day should poor children work? is twelve too little? eighteen too much?

this presidency is like an epcot center ride in hell.

I read about that in the Examiner. Absolutely horrible.

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