Why Chuckles Has To Rollerblade

Ore : 8:29 AM

He can't take a cab:
Look out, AG!

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Comments for Why Chuckles Has To Rollerblade
I must rollerblade because a giant inflatable penis is stuck in the back of my car?

That is fakakta!

Oh, I just noticed the link in He.

That is hilarious!

You can imagine how hard it is to shop for boxers and pants. I need two pairs of pants just for my enormous wang.

Chuckles just said 'wang.'

Quick! Follow that cab...the one that giant inflatable pussy just got in!

That's the same awesome inflatable cock that was given to the main guy in the UK version of "The Office".

If you get a chance, pick up the DVD, it's way funnier than it's american counterpart.

he needs a wheelbarrow

what a great pick,hahahaha ROTFL

The UK Office is indeed awesome.

Jogging is a pain in the crotch, let me tell you.

How do you keep from floating off the bed?

I recommend a lead cockring.

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