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It should be no wonder that Auguste's unwelcome departure from the constant coverage of the car wreck that is Michelle Malkin compelled me to drop by Her Racistness's site.

The first post to assault my senses, my sensibility, and my critical faculties is titled "'EARNING' CITIZENSHIP." Naturally. Couldn't express enough ire without those scare quotes.

Which leads me to an aside -- one possible reason Auguste may have gotten fed up with his constant vigilance -- just how much dank, dark, sticky, oily, venemous hatred can one fit into a 17-word sentence? Michelle, being Michelle, gives it her all: "Illegal immigrants hop the border fences and head for the storm drains on their 'path to citizenship...'" And just in case her verbal razor-slashing of brown guys' (AND REMEMBER, THEY'RE AFTER OUR WHITE WIMMIN!!!) faces was too subtle, she quotes a news article to back up her cucaracha allusion -- an article, by the way, that in the first paragraph just happens to give the lie to her "assertion" [ed's note: Watch out, Kaye Grogan!]:

"But his smuggler instead led him and four other migrants through a patch of reeds to a stinky drainage pipe, and ordered them inside. [emphasis not Jesse's Michelle's.]"

Which of course leads me to think another reason Auguste has moved on to greener pastures. This shit is just too easy.

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Comments for Slim Pickins
But Michelle stole a white man from us white women!!

I swear that woman must have skin color dysmorphic disorder. She looks in the mirror and a white, blue-eyed, blonde woman looks back like an anorexic looks in the mirror and sees a fat person in it.

As the kids used to say when I was in school, and someone uttered a brutally accurate observation:
"Damn, phinky, you ain't right."

The Right Wing Noise Machine depends on the tireless efforts of brown people who would be happy wearing swastikas or white sheets if only they had less melanin. Much like the successful suppression of every slave revolt in the history of the U.S. (counting the colonial years) depended on the efforts of at least one 'loyal' slave.

i'm actually beginning to enjoy the michelle malkin saga. her whole schtick is so obvious, so psychotic - it's like that woman who ran for vp on pat buchanan's ticket, but younger, and everywhere, everyday. she's an errol morris movie in the making.

She is boring, shrill, and poorly informed. A real trifecta.

Whatever, she can take her green card along with her husband's and shove it. Oh, maybe he was born here, but being Jewish, I'm willing to bet Bubie and Zaidie weren't.

Hypocrites are so over rated!

Update your clog. What, is it a holiday down there or somethin'? Did you get a new computer yet?

Ditto on MR's comments. Except, it's not a holiday today, punk.

Dang, y'all think I'm made of money?

I thought all gay people were rich (except Tim).

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