I Voted!

Ore : 9:53 AM

Did you? Today's the day, my fellow Californians...

As I am a registered non-partisan (and not in the Althouse way, either) voter, I was theees [pinches forefinger and thumb together] close to asking for a Republican ballot, just so I could throw my own little wrench into the works, but alas, my probity -- not to mention my gag reflex -- won out.

I'll tell you about only two of my votes. The first, on the pre-school thing -- I voted for it. I was of two minds about it, sympathizing with teachers who would have loved that money to better fund the schools that are there. But in light of Republican attacks on HeadStart, I had to vote "Yes." Besides, how can one pass up taxing incomes higher than $400,000 to fund education? Too good.

Then there was a local casino thing. I voted not to oppose allowing a new casino to be built. I don't see it increasing crime, and I do see it providing jobs and bringing revenue into the area. And anyway, too much of the opposition to allowing a new one in seemed fueled mostly by rank racism, so I had no compunction about voting "No."

Morning bonuses: An unusually non-rabbity Ann Coulter getting dressed down by Matt Lauer of all people. Ha, ha. What a fruitcake. I only wish he would have brought up her voting fraud.

Also, this story is sure to send K-Lo into one of the biggest hissy fits the Corner has ever seen.

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Comments for I Voted!
Do you guys use the enormous cards with the magic markers like in SF and WI?

Or did Diebold help you decide how you really wanted to vote?

HA HA!!! No we got enormous cards with the circles you fill in with ballpoints.

I'm willing to bet we have Diebold by the November election, though. That McPherson is such a cobag.

Your gag reflex?

ha ha bobby... Well, some poles are just to heinous to smoke, ya dig?

I voted for the preschool thing too, and for the same reason. Sweet!

I'm registered Peace&Freedom Party and it took them a while to find my ballot. Guess I'm the only one in my district in that party, huh? And this was at 7:00Pm not early in the morning. Kinda weird. The situation was weird, not me. OK, maybe I am too.

Is it ever not campaign season in California?

The first time I vote in any given election, I always vote for the issues that are important to me.

I save my subsequent votes for monkeywrenching Republican primaries.

teh, good for you for endorsing gambling. I hate having to drive a long way to get to a casino.

As for the Iran story, WTF? Isn't this the kind of deal conservatives skewered Clinton for making with North Korea? I guess there are now three categories: with us, against us, and aw shucks you got us here's your prize

I know I shouldn't be stunned at what comes out of Ass Kolter's mouth, but still...

Between this, the new Heiress Pillton song, the demonstrations at a fallen soldier's funeral (soldier's dad is going to sue the protesters) in Maryland, and the newly-unearthed mess up here, I'm ready to get under the covers and never come out.

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