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Not Shown:  Ahistorical SplotchesWith Bill O'Reilly:

"You know, I really don't see what the big deal is about Abu Ghraib. I mean, during Viet Nam, and this is on the record, no less a person than Senator John McCain himself personally inserted slivers of bamboo under captured Viet Cong fighters' fingernails in the infamous Hanoi Hilton..."

"Well, what do you think of this? Do you think it radical of me to propose that maybe -- just maybe -- those Kent State students would have been better served had they not opened up -- opened fire -- on those National Guardsmen?"

"..but that is exactly why they called them 'union busters.' I mean, these guys -- Communists, really, all of them -- hired thugs to bust the heads of innocent businessmen during the early part of the 20th Century."

"Now, tonight, a moment of remembrance for the brave pioneers, newcomers to a New World -- let us honor their memory, the memory of the settlers forced by Indian tribes to march that tragic Trail of Tears..."

"...now, I mean, I'm just reading from the Bible here -- and this is exactly what the Good Book asserts -- that the Canaanites -- now, wait just a minute, let me finish -- the Canaanites were ordered by their God, the God of Abraham, to eradicate the Jews. And they did so, down to the last baby."

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"Those slaves took all the good plantation work from white American boys just like the Mexicans are doing today, it's documented fact Mr. Conyers…now, I'll give you the last word." -Bill Oreilly

It as if all the munchwagons, chunderloafs, cobnuggets, chumpnozzles and emus were being oppressed by reasonable thoughtful people. What a goddamned crime.

How can you stand to watch it? I just can't.

"If it hadn't been for Rosa Parks commandeering that bus and running over all those white people, there wouldn't have been any racial segregation in the South. And Martin Luther King shooting at people from that balcony didn't help matters, either." -Bill O'Reilly

Okay so far, Jexter is my weiner.

Sigh, Jexter's always the weiner.

The other thing is the cover up. Oh no, Bill didn't really mean that somewhat obscure reference to WWII history. He wasn't wrong it was just a slip of the tongue or even better yet you misunderstood. Nothing to see here. Move along. Still perfect.

The ego is so fragile or the psychosis so deep that being wrong is never an option. A hundred lies to correct one error. What a cobag.

although i wonder what it would have been if it was me and pocahontas and a loofah. did they even have loofahs in those days? if they ddin't it's the liberals' fault!

Well look what we have here! Mr. Gregor Samsa posting at teh teh's blog, but he cannot visit RoD. Mr. Gregor Samsa is teetering on trouble!

Bill O'Lielly: At one point in time, AG would leave comments on a blog that were germane to the topic at hand, but now all she does is whine about how her conservative agenda is not being forced down the throats of the people who used to comment on her blog.

BO: The Fifteenth Century was a race and we won. It was a race, and by race I don't mean blacks and whites, I mean Injuns and Europeans. We won the race, the Europeans did. The Injuns just couldn't settle America as fast as the European settlers and thus they lost. The Europeans were really good hosts to the Injuns, too. The white settlers would sell supplies and food to the starving Injuns, supplies like blankets and corn. Gracious winners, that's what we are. WE gave them great, LARGE settlements, which the Injuns themselves decided were so big,. so big that the Injuns decided to sell some of that land back to the USA. Time and again, they decided that they couldn't manage their own land and sold it off.

Chuckie, you're just jealous I don't whine about you.

P.S. I'd talk more about the post if it wasn't like four days old!

Why must you hate?

I don't hate, I am not Annieunangel. I just want a new post, darn it!

Teh, could you please tell us another story. I loved the story you told about getting nailed in the shower by your greasemonkey neighbor.

butchie: hang on! dang...

I are hate not the love Bill Oreilly too much make me are the write english bad. AHHHHH!

Nailed in the shower by your grasemonkey neighbor?!? Lucky bitch. My neighbor is some fat girl who chain smokes and leaves her butts all over the sidewalk outside our apartment doors.

At least she's smoking outside...

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