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Again. Just because I caught some more of their "We must vote for Dubya 'cuz he'll keep us safe from those blue helmets tryin' to snatch our guns. Vote!" claptrap.

Okay. Just for the sake of this post, I'll concede that certain ephemeral pro-gun-banning groups (none of whom I have yet to see named, by the way...) have more than an iota of political clout, and their main avenue to influence is through the Democratic Party. (And I must stress, just for the sake of this post.) So you must, must, must vote Republican. Fine. So now you've got your majority conservative government, and your Second Amendment rights as defined by the NRA are perfectly safe from harm. Well,
almost perfectly (something here about some folks never being satisfied...)

Oops, but look: you've lost the
First and Fourth. And the 13th can't be far behind. No one in the world has any respect for you. Your economy's in the toilet, and the pathetic increases in the number of jobs available can't keep up with population growth, gas prices are through the roof, and wages are stagnant. You can kiss Social Security good-bye. Caught in a natural disaster? Don't expect any federal assistance. The infrastructure you depend on is shit, your share of the national deficit is about as large as the tremendous personal debt you've accrued, and chances are, if your kid's school is even remotely close to being adequately funded, it's filling his head with crap like creat-- oh, excuse me, Intelligent Design Theory and abstinence-only sex ed. Oh, and thousands of your fellow Americans are being killed in a war that no one needed to fight.

But hey, your guns are safe. And they're a
guarantee against tyranny, donchaknow.

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I'm a card carrying member of the "from your cold dead hands" club.

It gets me discounts at both the opera and the co-op

Aren't you a member?

Okay here's the deal. I just think the extremes to which the paranoia of many in the pro-gun lobby are, well, fucking insane.

I am a gun owner. And I am for waiting periods. I think that if we require people to obtain training and licenses to drive cars, we damn well ought to require at least the same of people who want to have guns. And no, I don't worry that Dianne Feinstein's goons are going to come crashing through my door to snatch away my .45. I do not think the Brady Bill is the first tumble in a slippery slope to a Brave New World.

I just think that there are more important things to worry about, and that too many gun-nuts are embarassingly nuts.

Let's get some perspective, people.

Don't blame me, I voted for Gore...and my AR15 never felt threatened.

i can see farmer joe out in the middle of nowhere(probably montana or north dakota) owning a shotgun or two to scare off the coyote or wolf or bear or whatever, but why does a white dude going to a majority-white college drive around with them in his Grand Am?

The US needs concealed-carry laws like the moon needs another crater.

and shit, you're living under a tyranny now. if you really wanted to exercise your rights you would round up a well-organized militia and overthrow the fucker

You arouse my already profound bitterness.

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