Kind Of Old News, But...

Ore : 11:11 PM

My boyfriend, my precious baby, my sexy li'l boo has been hurt!

Curse you, gods of diving!

Don't worry, baby, I'll keep rubbing your neck...

Oh, and curses to the gods of cropping and towels, as well
That's right, I think you're number one, too...

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Comments for Kind Of Old News, But...
incredible - he has the very same rippling physique i do.

Your little love chop doesn't look flattering in that picture on your linked page.

Plus, I thought you were digging that little diva, Johnnie Weir these days.

He woke up with a stiff neck, huh? What did you wake up with, Teh? You may have ruined his career, you know.

oh i love him. but you can rub his back :0)

Oh, my. He's a hunk.

I hope you're satisfied.

Stiff neck?!? What a wimp! Back in my diving days, I'd dive with a broken neck! You just wrap that ACE bandage around it nice and tight, and you were good to go! There's a good 6-7 minute window before the oxygen starvation causes permanent brain damage damage. What was I talking about?

Let me try and type the word verification with my one free hand...

MR, so sassy! So true...

Okay, teh, you need to get over this little neck booboo by a Canadian diver and get back to posting!

can you blame him? look at my - heh, look at our body.

I miss you, Teh.

Work is kicking my ass.

So this isn't subtle, but I was hoping someone else would beat me to it...

Did he hurt his neck going down on you?

Why Mistah Chuckles do you ask that? Perhaps a bit envious?

Same here, smarty.

And no, chuckles, they specifically did not say he suffers from a brutally enlarged esophagus...

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