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Hence my not blogging for days on end. Sure, I had my brother visiting in from out of town, I've gotten a lot busier at work, and preparations for this year's summer reading program, which should be already underway, are woefully behind. Oh frickin' well. Oh, then there's the brokiddy-brokey computadora.

Anyway, let me share with you my completely, totally, outside-scoop, wild-eyed irresponsible speculation on Fitzmas:

This is not the Starr investigation, which started with Whitewater and ended with a semen stain, and which all along was plagued by so many leaks you'd think it was more important that the subject of the probe be convicted in the court of public opinion than in, say, a real court.

But like the Starr investigation, this one may find an end that seems completely unconnected to its beginning. Fitzgerald is not hanging up his hat. The Plame leak was the toe in the door. I personally don't believe the house will be clean until we get to the bottom of the Niger forgeries: who made them, who promulgated them, and what all the involved parties' connections to the White House and the Pentagon are.

(By the way, y'all seriously need to get a subscription to VF. That article is amazing...)

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I always find your wild-eyed irresponsible speculation enjoyable.


starr ran a trawling expedition, while fitz is running a law-enforcement expedition. hopefully he nails someone big, and they can all go on to be successful lobbyists or imperial ambassadors 20 years down the line

nkxgcdkq: longest.captcha. EVAR!!
  • Posted at 3:50 AM | By Anonymous almostinfamou

Yeah, teh teh is back and better.

We've missed you, cookie.

I'm 3 issues of VF behind. I'm going to have to read this article.

I always read VF on the plane and am rarely disapointed.

Vindictive liberal that I am I just wish that Rove had eaten it. I really don't think that Rove is much of a strategist and certainly not the genius that he's portrayed to be by the media. He just lacks the normal moral checks that prevent decent people from doing what he does.

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