I Have A Massive Whang

Ore : 10:47 AM

This is my Whang. There are many like her, but this one is mine.
Massive...  That is to say, massively talented!

"Howdy Chuckles! How would you like to expand to a three-bedroom in Virginia?"

(For you know who, 'cuz he likey the cute chickadees...)

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Son of a bitch! I wish you we're born with a vigina...

The tag line is funny:

Little. Yellow. Different. Better.

Sums it up. There is only one problem that I see. If she is little, then will she have room for a truly epic wang?

Monumental even.

I have banned househunters from the 3B complex.

Speaking of massive whangs it's well into the new baseball season and we have yet to have any Thome blogging...

This is my rifle
this is my gun
This one's for shootin'
This one's for fun

the real estate market can only go up and up and up it will never go down you can't lose

She takes autograph requests? Why? I sure as hell don't want one, unless she's asking for mine in which case she can get bent. I don't give out such magic.


I know it's juvenile, but you can't go wrong with a good Wang/Whang joke. Just this morning, a guy in my fantasy baseball leage named Jack was adding Chien-Ming Wang of the Yankees to his team, and all I could think was "Jack grabs Wang."

Yes, I am still teh Beavis.

Why do you hate Asians?

Your Whang has so much hair! I thought most Whangs liked to keep it cut short.

I knew Pinko had a complex.

where can I get one of those?

You tease!

wither teh, prithee?

so much ann coulter, too much joe klein..and he leaves us, awol, like brian singer's superman left metropolis...

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