Princess Pukelani, 1989-2006

Ore : 10:57 AM

It was bound to happen sooner or later. She was nigh on 17, for crying out loud. Oh, Pookie, I'm sorry for all the times I yelled at you and cursed you out for tripping me in the middle of the night. I'm glad I got to know you. You were a good girl. You even had the decency to pass away in the late afternoon, making it a lot easier for me to dig that ginormous hole.

Poor Sparky is beside herself. Every morning she does the rounds, looking high and low for you -- she can't imagine where you should be. She spends much of her time laying in your exact spot in the kitchen.

Rest in peace, baby-cakes. Hope the have air-conditioning and lots of soft food where you are...

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Comments for Princess Pukelani, 1989-2006
Oh, teh. I am so sad. The description of other animals depression totally guts me.

We raise our glasses to the Princess.

teh, sorry to hear about your loss.

May Princess live on in your heart.

Dude, that sucks.

Hey Teh. I'm sorry to hear this.

I miss you.

puphatter send his regards, as do I.

Sorry about your loss, Teh.

if the picture's any indication, she looked like she was one happy dog

here's to pookie

Condolences, teh. A good friend is hard to find.

Sorry about your dog, buddy.

Teh, I am really sorry to hear that.

Oh God, teh, that's awful.

If there is a heaven, only dogs have a good chance of getting in, and it will be filled with rabbits to chase, bones to gnaw, and cool, shady places to nap.

I'm so sorry. Our pups are true and loyal members of the family, and losing a loved one is always horrible.

I hope you're comforted by wonderful memories. *hug*

Teh, my condolences - what a beautiful dog. She looks a bit like my dog Mitzi from when I was a child. Thankfully, Mitzi also had a long life like Princess. I'm thankful for every day I had with Mitzi, and (to quote a phrase) I am still trying to be half as good as the person she thought I was. To Mitzi and Princess

Rest in peace Pookie. My cat does not have long, but I will have a much smaller hole.

So sad. Sorry to hear about this.

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