So Sad...

Ore : 10:58 AM

Me: "So did you give your mom the permission slip for the Summer Reading Program?"

Younger Brother: "Yeah, but she threw it away."

Me: "She threw it away? Why?"

YB: "She said that we'd forget to turn the books in."

Okay, so YB had been a little late with turning in some books. His fees amounted to $0.70. I paid them out of my own pocket. I told him not to worry about it.

Older Brother: "Yeah, but she said we're not allowed to check out books. She says we don't need to be in the reading program."

Me: "But you want to do it. Why don't you ask Mrs. [summer school teacher's name] to talk to your mom, then see if she'll let you?"

OB: "Yeah, but she won't, though."

YB: "Why can't you sign it?"

Me: "Because I'm not your parent or guardian. It has to be your Mom or Dad."

OB: "But you're the guardian here."


Me: "Well, that's not how it works."

OB: "My dad would probably sign it, but he's in jail."

Oh jeez...

Eew. Just, gah! Eew. Nasty.

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I have been giggling when I think about that Rushpopper thing.

People who do drugs should all go to jail. They don't need any treatment. Right, Rush?

You have just broken my tiny heart.

Also, I predict you will dump Alex Despatie for Christiano Ronaldo of Portugal.

I've tried Viagra recreationally a couple of times. At the moment of O, I got an all-over tingling sensation... you might even categorize it as a rush. JAJAJAJA!

re: Christiano Ronaldo... oh my... oh my, indeed...

What a tear jerker, teh!

Man that is terrible! Poor lil guys.

I feel violated even reading about Rush's bits.

Oh yeah, fine, the kid thing is heart warming. For those whose hearts aren't solid logic rocks like mine.

Or something.

I spent most of the weekend reading to my nephew. This wasn't all that awesome because apparently he was looking for a different book then the ones he had. I would start reading and then he would start flipping through the pages and then toss the book away and get another one. Ad infinitum.

Maybe when he learns to talk, that will be less fun for him.

The sex trade in The Dominican Republic is world renown! Sex slaves + Viagra are all that works for him now. Daryn Kagan used to play with his thingy...uuggg.

Dude, I'm not gonna talk shit about your mother, but that is fucking bullshit! The only reason they need a signature is so that an adult accepts financial responsibility for the books, if damaged or lost. Call your brother's teacher and tell her that you will do it. If she doesn't go for it, she's a dumbfuck. If she does and your kid brother loses or destroys books... whip his ass.
Let me know if I can be of any further assistance- that's what I'm here for.

I love how Butchie's all about helping kids with their problems.

I hate to get all macro on you, teh, but this is a clear sign that our empire has rotted from within. (That, and the frightfully large number of non-wealthy people who vote Rethuglican.)

Kids have a natural desire to learn. The greatest sin a parent can commit (short of debilitating physical abuse) is to neglect or discourage learning.

On a side note, this widespread, matter-of-fact embrace of ignorance does explain Rush Limbaugh's continued popularity (even in the face of his getting caught doing shit that he claims others should be hanged for).

Anyway, smoke 'em if you got 'em. The end of this grand experiment (the U.S.A.) could be closer than you think.

I'm still pissed off. I expect an update.. something along the lines of "I did what Butchie said and now my little brother has books."

Or "I did something else and now my little brother has books."

Or "Blah blah blah and now my little brother has books."

you should post more of yr writing here, teh. i think you're one of the better writing bloggers i've come across.

and i'm not just saying that to get in good with all of your hot california girlie friends.

Dammit boy! Don't make me pull this internet over.

that is pretty sad.

sometimes the best companions we have are books.
  • Posted at 1:49 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

Teh - take Buitchie's advice, the man is a nonstop problem solver. Helping everyone from depressed emo kids to attention seeking cam whores.

Also, this has been picked up soemwhere else before, but isn't there a huge *underage* sex trade going on down there? Didn't they pass a law stipulating that anyone who goes abroad for the purpose of sex with a minor is a felon? Just thinkin...

Other than a somewhat understandable "who's on first" disorientation as well as signs of impending 'roid rage, I think this 'Butch' gentleman is essentially on target.

Someone needs to sign that permission slip toot sweet.

Oh, and motherfuck Rush and his pitiful limp dick.



I actually encourage attention seeking cam-whores.

Teh, teh! Can I send my iMac to you and then you can blog again?!! I miss you and your snappy comments.

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