Cuba Libre o Cuba Recobrado?

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I'm a liberal. A green, green lima bean, so to speak. Upon hearing today's news, I should be wailing and gnashing my teeth, providing a satisfying counterpoint to the inevitable gloating, triumphal bloodthirstiness that is probably already pouring out of LGF and Treviño's tin shack*. But I feel as apathetic about checking up on the latter as I do about hearing the former.

I'm not a Castro fan. But I can't for the life of me whip myself up into a visceral rage at his continued existence.

I worry for the Cuban people. Whether or not ensuing developments will make the country safe for democratic dissent is beside the point -- and, moreover, highly debatable, because it certainly wasn't so safe before he took power. Whether the Castro regime has in fact been a "disaster" as Mel Whatshisnombre (R-Fla., I believe) is pretty much useless to discuss. What matters most, at least in the short term, is stability. Here is a country that has been held together mostly by the force of one guy's personality -- a guy whom I doubt made any contingencies for any sort of transition for the sake of his people. When he dies, and when some spook liquidates his brother, the Cuban people may know suffering like never before, much of it due to the myopia and delusions of grandeur of a former baseball player.

Make no mistake. I perceive no saint behind the beard, even if I do look askance at the words and antics of Rightist Cuban exiles and their backers among corporatists and organized crime.

I suppose that is one source of my worry. Corporate America and its conservative attack poodles bear a significant grudge, not only against Communist Cuba, but against pretty much all of Cuba that didn't float over to Florida, a bitter and nasty score to settle, a vendetta they have been nursing for half a century.

My major concern is that the Bush Administration, being what it is, will attempt something as ditzy and dunderheaded as installing a ruling regime composed of purge-minded Cuban exiles -- men and women who will put Batista's worst excesses to shame.

That's okay, though. Those will just be the "birth pangs" of freedom!

I think tonight I'll worry into a few mojitos. Just 'cos.

UPDATE: So for tonight, at least, I can stick to vodka...

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Comments for Cuba Libre o Cuba Recobrado?
Yeah, this will be about as smooth as masturbating with sandpaper.

Thanks for saying what I think I was feeling, teh. I know this is out of left field, but I can just picture the average Cuban citizen asking him or herself the following question (with dread): ¿Significa esto que los cabrones regresan?

Mojitos? I'm buyin'.

I'm just waiting for the Katyusha™ Rockets to start falling on Miami.

But then Gitmo would never ever close.

i'm thinking the US will invade venezuela, using some of the contras from nicaragua. after all, it's all one big happy circlejerk with the assholes in charge

buusqwa: king emu is in da house!
  • Posted at 6:58 AM | By Anonymous almostinfamous

reference to aforementioned circlejerk
  • Posted at 7:36 AM | By Anonymous almostinfamous

Thanks for degrading me Teh and stealing my post.

I'm sorry Gregor, but your name wasn't on it.

Great post, teh. One does wonder what the Bushnistas will do. Wouldn't it be great if for once, just once, he'd stay out of things or better yet, if he does get involved he acts in a way that most democratic citizens support.

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