Cut (Lines) And (Eat) Paste

Ore : 10:46 AM

There's a lot of fun that can be had at Medea Benjamin's expense. Believe me, I've done it (once to her face, and to her credit, she laffed. Uncomfortably, and with little conviction, but she did.) But of course, doing it that way requires a brain that actually works.

When you're Jeff Goldstein, all else is doomed to fail; you're pretty much reduced to calling her a "
smelly, hippie, treasonous dyke!" (preferably in a whiny, nasal yawp.) Ah, conservatarian humor!

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Comments for Cut (Lines) And (Eat) Paste
You know what I am tired of: people who think hippie and dyke are offensive terms and therefore go around calling others them. As my mother used to say, "use your big words or don't bother." I was three when she used that phrase. Perhaps folks like Jeffy need to rise above age three in their writings.

uh, that's not possible anymore. paste-eating is an irreversible process

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