Monday Crush

Ore : 8:58 AM

For years -- since at least 2000, I'm pretty sure -- his voice has been giving me that certain itch, but until today I haven't thought to mention it. Now I will: I think I'm totally in lust with
Hamilton Leithauser. Those disdainful eyes, that adorable face, that cute little body. And that voice, that voice... It totally makes me want to lay on his big brass bed.

Also, I'm pretty sure he's the first musician in a long while I've had a crush on who doesn't have a beard. (Don't tell
Feivish -- it would break his sweet little Hasidic heart.)

Sweeeeet (via Atrios.)

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Comments for Monday Crush
I like the name "Hamilton."

I like the boy it's attached to.

Oh, and he has nice nostrils ;-)

he looks like that cat whose name i forget what stars in all those hal hartley flicks...

He and his band rock my socks off. And now that they've gone just that touch southern - I can see why you're smitten.

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