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Dude, what the hell happened? That is some gross shit.

Rap puzzle riddles! My favorite!

Oh man. That's messed up, Teh.

You made me look at poop in a toilet.

On a Friday.

Only for you, Teh. Only for you.

That's some gangsta shit

OK, I've been working on this all day, I think I got it...

"Dogs aint shit, but ho's and magicians can lick on these nuts and suck my dick!"

There is blood in that shit, I hope it's not yours.

Ooh, Elmo, sooo close.

John Boy Walton's Dad licking these nuts?

I got the poop picture clue.

What happened to Trolleypants?

Hey I've done that next to last thing on my last trip to China. It is a specialty of the area around Wuhan. It actually doesn't suck. Well it does, but it doesn't.

I think Trollypants is dead. We can only hope.

teh, that was so gross. I'm disappointed in you. Disappointed.

Saaaay, wait jus' a minute, that ain't no magician - that's a steeeenkin' CANADIAN!!!!!

Elmo, those are female dogs.

Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks. . . etc. Elmo got the rest right.

So why are we dissin' on female dogs today?

You tooak a big shit, had a bad trip,and now you want Mr. Clarks bone marrow???



Dammit, so close!!!

The lyrics actually say "suck tha dick.

Nine deuce motherfuckas!!!


Butchies aint shit...

Oh, yeah he is.

I kid because I love. And because I like to eat shit. Muwah.

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