Mighty Big of Ya, Mr. Ledeen

Ore : 7:44 AM

Michael Ledeen:

"But here was a secret plot we found out about, and we acted."

Authorities in Great Britain must be so pleased to be included when a koo-koo-for-cocoa-puffs American neocon uses the first person plural -- especially when considering how high Wingnuttia's standards are:

When Lebanese people, many of whom have lived in America, or are part of Americans' extended families, die in indiscriminate air strikes, they're all filthy foreign terrorists -- even the toddlers and the infirm. No rousing shouts of solidarity and inclusion there. When thousands of actual Americans were huddled into the Superdome, when bloated black bodies were floating down the streets of New Orleans, they were the "other" -- barely civilized rapists and looters, spear-chucking alien savages to a man.

But when British intelligence nab would-be terrorists, one of the first things to come out of some American knuckledragger's mouth is "We did it!"


Of course I'm pleased that this bomb plot was foiled, that so many lives were saved. If only "we" had "done it" before 9/11 -- not only would thousands more lives have been saved, the likes of Ledeen would not be nearly such a pain in the ass as they are today.

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Comments for Mighty Big of Ya, Mr. Ledeen
Well, letting the 9/11 incident happen was exactly in line with the neocon agenda, so why would they stop it?

Eh, that's a little tinfoil-hatty for my tastes. I much prefer to think they let it happen simply because they don't give a flying fuck about anyone or anything except aggrandizing to themselves wealth and unprecedented power.

No more Astroglide in my carry-on... :o(

I don't go for the "Bush caused 9/11" stuff either. It's clear (especially from the government's performance in the years since) that they're just lazy, greedy, self-absorbed, incompetent fucks.

Really, that's explanation enough.

I'm pretty sure Ledeen's family doesn't like being associated with him, either. He'd probably turn a Thanksgiving toast into a rant about the gay Mexislamofascists.

michael ledeen would sell his mother down the river(and then write a book about it) if it gave him a chance to advance his agenda. a total fucking wanker, in the truest meaning of the term.

madame: well, baby, we'll always have spit ;P~

kev: exactamente.

otto: I bet he gets invited exactly nowhere. Sad, really...

aif: Yikes. I've seen that before, but it's good to get a reminder... BTW, are you allowing comments again yet?

excellent point. excellent point.

this kinda pro-war rhetoric betrays that "democratizing" crap we get fobbed off on us in press confos and whatver (as if du-filled craters all over afghanistan and iraq and lebanon and where ever else didn't already) - that, at bottom, this really is a crusade - and not for anybody's heart or mind - for far too many well-placed, well-paid persons...

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