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Yeah, this is old. I'm slow that way. But it is niggling.

(DISCLAIMER: Although I am almost always a partisan Democrat, my glands refuse to produce an adequate supply of Nedrenaline (kinda the dumbest thing ever, since, well, Joementum). More specifically, I couldn't give less of a shit about CT. Ridding ourselves of Lieberman would be groovy, don't get me wrong, and Lamont's as good a replacement as anyone -- whatever. Incidentally, I haven't bothered to read Hamsher's take on this or what her commenters have had to say. Someone somewhere has without a doubt already covered this. Again, whatever.)

Now, with that disavowal of any possible conflict of interest out of the way: just where is the
fucking controversy, Jeffalina? This is not an issue of, say, an elected official using his not inconsiderable pull to secure for a company, of which he was once an executive, enormous, sweet, no-bid contracts. This is an issue -- if you can call it that -- of a shareholder publically criticizing the company in which he has stock.

That's controversial only insofar as it is rare, and pretty much ethical. No, not just ethical: more owners of stock would do well to meet their moral obligations of attempting to alter bad behavior in the corporate world.

Yeah, it comes during a campaign. And who knows if what he says at shareholder meetings matches up with what he's saying at rallies. And it smacks of pandering. Yeah, it's a little iffy, but not in the way you seem to imply.

I hereby pledge to you this, Jeffy, that I, easily the hottest piece of gay ass on the Internet (baby, I know what you
really want) will willingly, lovingly, slobberingly service your "divine Mr. O'Toole" if you would just please, please, go a mite easier on the sauce and Klonopin.

Jeff, you're killing yourself. You're killing me. You're killing any hope for an "us."

Jeff, your stupidity is killing America. Please, think of the chillun.

HOPEFUL UPDATE: Help is on the way! I mean, you like pills, right?

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Comments for Tail-Gunning
Lieberman's face is creepy

He does look like that droopy cartoon dog, doesn't he?

But you have to feel the surge of the new powers of the netroots left that can get a wealthy Greenwich CT man, who owns an extremely successful cable company and sank millions of his own money into the campaign, elected to the senate. Power to the voiceless downtrodden!! We shall overcome!!

Stupid is as stupid does...

teh, are you saying you can out-slap Goldy, the OCS (Original C*ck Slappa)?

Brando, what I'm saying is, I am willing to slap myself with his cock until I'm bruised beyond recognition if he would just stop, stop, STOP TEH STUPID!@!!!

Oh, teh, that's a fantasy that will never happen. No stupid pill or smart drug can cure what ails him. His stupid is rooted in his soul.

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