For Fulsome

Ore : 10:09 PM

'Cos he so lurvely:

Diapers on A Goat

Royale with goat cheese, muthafuckah!
"We got diapers on the muthafuckin' goat!"

...While over on our side they're continuing to pipe-bomb Planned Parenthood...

I wonder how severe the punishment would have been for the poor mook who had refused John Ashcroft's order to cover up the statue of Justice's jumblies?

(Oh, why the random
dedication? As a thank you for you know what. I got two so far. Spanish-language. Las muchachas bonitas son muy, muy felices, if you get my drift and I think you do...)

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Comments for For Fulsome
And the goats are the ones to blame!

Fucking diapers

Diapers are expensive.

All right. That does it. OI pledge aside, your perverse insistence on the correct spelling of "diaper" leaves me no choice but to out you all.

YOu're all on my list.

And you can't make me edit it. So there.

Teh, I think you need to put together your "On notice" list as well.

And, yea, it's good to know I remind people of randy goats! Um, I think?

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