Blade: Trinity: Mini-Review

Ore : 10:09 AM

Ryan Reynolds needs to talk less, strip more -- in fact, I'd be thrilled if he would just go completely mute indefinitely and stay stark naked. Jessica who? Poor, poor Natasha Lyonne. I hate seeing Parker Posey ill-used like that. Yeah, this movie was pretty much a ticker-fucking-tape parade of contempt for Kris Kristofferson and Parker Posey. And me. Yawn.

Wes Snipes? He made more sense in a
wig and baby backpack.

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Comments for Blade: Trinity: Mini-Review
That movie sucked rocks.

That movie sucked your family?

The rocks you grew up with wouldn't happen to go by the name of the Aristocrats, now would they?

Parker Posey? Help us!!

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