Disjointed Thoughts On "Them": Dirty Words

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We're pretty sure that "welfare" became a naughty word back in the 80s, right? (Well, OK, so it still is, but whatevs...) Back when Reagan & Co. opened our hippie-blinkered eyes to the greatest threat to America since the Red Empire: the Welfare Queen: "inner-city" women tooling around in fancy Oldsmobiles, using their government checks to buy buckets of chicken and crack.

Who, me? I said "crack," not "
black." I'm no racist.

(As an aside and yet another parenthetical, no one has yet convinced me that a strong social safety net is not a hallmark of a free and civilized society.)

Anyway, it's useful rhetoric, I suppose. It's just so risky to say what they really mean. They need to be euphemistic in this, our post-civil rights America. They have to be euphemistic because we are right.

When they say "welfare queen," what they mean of course is "nigger bitch." It's like when they mention "New York," "East Coast," or "Hollywood," or when they call anyone an effete, coastal and/or limousine liberal: we all and they all know what they're really saying: "fags" and "kikes."

Think of this as a touchstone. When they call you a racist for thinking Alan Keyes might be a few fries short of a Happy Meal, remember it. When someone calls you an anti-Semite for disagreeing with the direction Israel's far Right has taken its country (even as he uses code words familiar to any Nazi to describe
liberal American Jews), keep it in mind. Whenever they call you a coward for standing up to those who control every branch of government and own virtually every media outlet, remember what you are and what they've done with language -- that just about any pejorative they use usually signifies its real-world antonym.

Whenever they call you an anti-American traitor because you support civil liberties, constitutional rights, the rule of law, strong public education, and sure, even a healthy welfare state, remember this and know that you're the one wearing a white hat.

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What the fuck were your comments on my blog about, asshoe?

Just giving you a shitty time because the post was headed by "i am too busy." And it is well established that sharks have tiny brains. If you have been genetically altered to be different from others of your hundreds-of-millions-of-years old species, I apologize. Please don't chew my arm off.

And no polar bears either.

Whoa. Are you two going to rumble?

I'm also a "liberal american jew".

wait, you mean people really dont want to waste their time degrading themselves in the welfare office in an attempt to get rich off of the white man's hard-earned work?

you must be one of them moonbats

I just finished reading "Forever Peace" by Joe Haldeman. There is a real welfare state described in it and it is good sci-fi as well.

In regards to your post, well done. But I think you might be a self hating gay, you self loathing gay gay-person, you.

Why does Freedom Camp hate freedom?

It would be cool to make a Republican translator. Hmmm...

(sounds of hammering and sawing).

Just another case of Conservative Projection (TM)

also, never mess with a librarian.

You may win, and write the history, but he chooses which history books are in the library.

smarty: Well he called me "asshoe," which hurts -- really hits home -- so I think I'm willing to call it even.

nölff: Must be nice controlling the world. How do those Christian babies taste, anyway?

aif: I'm actually the love-child of Cindy Sheehan and Joe Stalin.

chuckles: Yes, it's true, I am banging Andy Sullivan bareback while high on meth. Got any poppers?

brando: because al Qaeda told me to.

fish: maybe a pull-down option at babelfish.altavista.com :

Translate this block of text:

"This legislation is supported mainly by minorities and special interests."

From Wingnutese to English: "This legislation is supported mainly by niggers, fags, and kikes."

md: ha ha I just checked out Howard Zinn's New Deal Thought last week.

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