Get Ready 4 da SOV

Ore : 9:57 PM

I'm English try and deport me

If you love me then fuck you
If you hate me then FUCK YOU

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I have this song. I got it from Fluxblog, I think.

Yeah, chav culture is hilariously stupid. But I think LS is fucking brilliant.

I'm a little alarmed at the attention she's getting from American hip-hop producers though. IMHO grime is the closest thing we've got to a new "punk," and I'd hate to see its retardedness compounded by bling and Escalades and hoochie mamas...

My laptop isn't multimedia-ish enough for me to check out the link here at work, so all I've got is this, from memory:
So many English MCs get it twisted,
start saying cookies, when talking of biscuits."

Good times.

I swear I think she is the new Peaches.

My new favorite grime (for the last 24 hours) is Lily Allen. I am totally back on my love affair with grime.

OMG I lurve Lily Allen. Gorgeous voice, beautiful sampling.

I am a little worried about the Lavigne Effect with this hot little number. The photographs on her site pretty much indicate that she has already been Lavigned, so I think her time on this continent may be tooo long.

Lady SOV, bitches.

I know what a chav is. Aren't you impressed? Actually another gay dude "filled me in" (that was for you)

Oh butchie, I thought you already had a sweet, creamy filling...?

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