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See, when I go off on Rightists whose focus is on Cuba and South America, this is exactly the kind of shit I'm talking about; in Venezuela (from a wingnut perspective):

[Manuel Rosales] proposes straight cash grants from Venezuela's oil windfall instead of slimey crony government welfare programs and Cuban doctors. He's gonna give the poor people straight money so they can go to the doctors they'd like, instead of just castro's. He wants to create jobs, investment and opportunity so that all of this welfare crap won't be necessary at all.

Let's just ignore the blatant lies about Chavez being "collectivist" and anti-democratic, as well as the vast amount of support he continues to enjoy in Venezuela. Let's ignore the fact that Rosales would probably not be the great "white" Reaganite hope people like Val here are counting on. Let's just concentrate on Val's implication: All these wondrous, generous things have long been in Rightists' and corporatists' powers to provide, but they choose not to provide them unless their power is threatened -- or at least perceived to be threatened -- by people like Chavez. Or, yes, even Fidel and Ernesto.

And Val wonders why he and people like him find themselves on the side of organized crime and private-sector pirates. Oh. Come to think of it, maybe he doesn't.

Post-Toastie Script: Yeah, this is the guy subbing for Jesse and Michelle. And yeah, he's as stupid as
Brad says.

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you don't need no steenkin doctors when you have the free* market!

*all freedom to be forfeited to wall street unconditionally upon demand. additionally, freedom is wholly subject to you being white, reasonably christian and posessing a knowledge of english mostly involving terms designed to confuse the other people.

My comment to the Batista-licker, just in case it gets disappeared:

Just a few questions: how are those "thousands and thousands" of Rosales supporters' freedoms threatened? Does that threat come from the same Chávez gov't that allows freedom of the press even to the bevy of virulently right-wing, anti-Chávez media outlets? Also, how much cash is Rosales proposing to give the poor and working people of Venezuela, and for how long? Will it be enough so that an adequate number of doctors and comprehensive medical facilities will continue to locate themselves within these people's communities? Finally, where is your proof that Chávez cheats at elections? The secretary-general of the OAS certified the results of the right-wing-sponsored 2004 recall election. So did other international observers. Are you just another one of those people who reflexively cries "foul!" (and/or "communist!") anytime someone in power tries to stick up for poor and dark people?

Oil, oil, oil.

Always oil.

aif: I heard the free market would also cure AIDS and resolve warts, if only our socialist, regulation-happy government would let it! John Stossel told me so.

cs: Oh, don't doubt that it will be erased. And the guy might get second thoughts about allowing comments -- typical for right-wing sites. Good comment, though.

Smarty: you noticed that, too, did you?

Well, how dare Chavez nationalize Venezuela's oil for his peoples' sake.

Do you realize how many rich American oil companies were hurt by this!!!

He set fascism back years and should be punished. Stop free elections is Venezuela or your a terrorist!

Apparently, not only are you completely unlearned and dare I say inane, but youre reading comprehension is such that you cant even discern who actually wrote the article you cite.

I find it amazing that some elements of the left like yourself continue to hang on to that "Batista-Licker" type very thin thread. Get over it. Batista was just as bad as fidel castro, except that the former is gone and the latter is still around oppressing his people because morons like you who dont know shit from shinola support him vicariously, without actually having to endure living under him.


Ah, my bad. Mora isn't the same person as Val; wingnuts are not interchangeable -- they're like snowflakes, apparently.

Well I guess that just undercuts everything I've written!

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