SIRIUSly, I'm Out of Material For Today

Ore : 9:19 AM

The Long Winters, "Pushover" -- Oddly flat, shades of Counting Crows circa 1994. This has been done a million times before. Disappointing. 3/10

Peaches, "Boys Wanna Be Her" -- With acts like The Gossip and Le Tigre nipping at her gold stiletto heels, and the
grime thing coming up fast, Peaches is redoubling her effort to keep that tiara. Hardly "Fuck The Pain Away," but danceable. 6/10

Lady Sovereign, "Love Me or Hate Me" -- Council House Lil' Kim who favors baggy Adidas over Versace; Heineken over Cristal. Phat beats, decent production, hilarious, self-deprecating yet fabulous lyrics. Refreshing, funny and bouncy. Expect her to be co-opted by the stateside hip-hop Borg soon. 8.5/10

The Streets, "Never Went To Church" -- An unusually maudlin and turgid entry for Mr. Skinner. It's The Streets, so I don't have to go into what he sounds like. This one's slower, with shades of Madonna's "Oh Father." Still clever, but not my fave. 6/10

The Arcade Fire, "Cold Wind" -- I'm sure I've done this one before, but I'm not going to look it up right now. Maybe my opinion has changed. Beautifully crafted as all their songs are. Spare and despairing: understated vocals, fine guitar. Great road song. 8/10

The Replacements, "Left Of The Dial" -- As raw, immediate, exciting as I remember. I've never been a huge fan, but enjoyable enough. 7/10

Teenage Fanclub, "Jesus Christ" -- Throwaway number by a band that does great stuff but just as often can't help but demonstrate why they don't deserve a larger following. Blah. 4/10

Art Brut, "Emily Kane" -- The boys have pulled a bit of a bait-and-switch on us. Still the same faux-ironic, not-sung-but-spoken vocals, the same vaguely punkish, hey-look-at-us-stop-looking-at-Pete-Doherty accompaniment, but it's actually a lovely little ditty about nostalgia for an old school crush. 6.5/10

Arctic Monkeys, "Still Take You Home" -- I like the energy, but you guys are so 2.75 minutes ago. Move along people. 4/10

XTC, "Dear God" -- Ah, always so soulful. Love in particular the gutteral bass here. They don't play enough XTC on the radio. I can bob my head to this. 8.5/10

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I think I need a radio. I know one of those songs.

You need SERIUS! Fool!

Which song?

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