The Final Word

Ore : 8:26 PM

Tiaras don't look so hot on a rotting corpse, do they you thieving bitch???

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bad bad bad

Not funny.

Why am I laughing?

evil! I love it~!

Riddles that will send you to Hell:
Q: What's better that fucking a 12 year old girl?
A: an 11 year old girl
Q: What's better thatn fucking a 11 year old girl?
A: a 10 year old girl
Q: What's better thatn fucking a 10 year old girl?
A; Nothing... That's the best.
Q: What's so great about fucking a 10 year old girl?
A: Your dick will look so big in her little hands
Q: What's the next best thing?
A: flip her over and it's like a 10 year old boy.

I work in a bar on the weekends. I hear some sick shit.

I guess my motivation here isn't that hard to figure out; you just get so goddamn fed up when there's all this serious shit going on that actually affects all of us but then, look out! It's JonBenet/Natalie Holloway/some other white bitch gone missin/killed/broke a nail.

Just what is the exchange rate for foreign brown people on the American white girl?

I was working on a post about the value of human life and recent quotes in the news.

Screw you, teh! You ruined me!

they all have it coming, every last one of them, oh yes...

The whole beauty pageant thing for girls that young is so sick.

Chuckles: You needed my help for that?

Dex: Don't they all, though?

Jason: "I'm Violet Beauregard."

I always had you down as more of an Augustus Gloop

as for the post, it reminds me of the aristocrats.

Are you saying I'm fat? Non! I am sveldte and beautiful.

And yeah, this was partly afterbirth from my previous bagatelle.


Hey teh, do you ever stop by the somethingawful forums? You'd fit right in.

nay, not fat, but indulgent. ;)

timmah: Alas, non. This was MS Paint, not PhotoShop. Besides, they charge for forum privileges. Bastards.

oops that was me.

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