Also, I Think Communists Stole His Apostrophe Key...

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We get nasty-grams. This time, from the selectively laissez faire proprietor of Babalu Blog.

He's absolutely right of course, and I offer my apologies. It's true: Mora was the author of the cited article. Boy is my face red. Worse is, that little mistake completely negated everything else I have ever written.

Which leaves the ball in someone else's court. My own position vis a vis Cuba is stupid, I now realize: We can't simply let Fidel die and leave it up to the silly, savage, misguided Cubans to decide what will constitute their government. That's my position, and it must be wrong. Allowing a country of no strategic value self-determination is such September 10th thinking! Clearly, Val and Mora have a much better answer. Here it is:


Ah, these super-intelligent, super-superior rightists make it so hard to follow along! It has already been demonstrated by the fact that I didn't pay good attention to the Babalu byline that my position is untenable. But once again, even with this genius paragon of foreign policy wonkery deigning to visit my little corner of the Intertubes, I have still not been offered a better position to take, alas. Sure, sure there are the vague allusions to freedom and capitalism, oblique disavowals of Rightists' bad behavior past, and cutesy T-shirts of Ernesto's mug with a bullet hole in the forehead, but
where are the actual nuts and bolts of what our plans should be for Cuba and Venezuela (and perhaps now even Peru)? More CIA backed coups? Land invasions with coalitions of the willing? Purple fingers? Air-dropped "Day By Day" leaflets?

Throw me a bone here, Val and Mora! (Preferably Mora, porque pienso ella tiene huevos más grandes.)

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Comments for Also, I Think Communists Stole His Apostrophe Key...
Again, your reading comprehension suffers yet another setback. Instead of taking time to call people savages and compare in writing who has the biggest balls, perhaps, and this is just a thought mind you, a small suggestion that might alleviate the shit congestion your brain seems to be ailing from, perhaps, maybe you should, you know, just read.

I know its difficult for you because of that reading comprehension thing, and the fact that youre probably way too busy trying to convince yourself a master of wit and snark, but you should really take the time to read. the answers to all your Cuba questions are in the archives of my blog. All you have to do is take your eyes away from the mirror and read. Or, should that prove too taxying for you, have someone read it to you. That way, you may be assured that you have digested every single word.

No te tires que no das piez.

Hey, VP, maybe you should take the time to proofread.

That way, you may rest assured that your message is transferred with a minimum of confusion.

With chuckles as my witness (he can compare your comments to what I've written), I say with utter certainty that you, Val, have no business capping on anyone's reading comprehension. Seriously, from calling me a Fidel supporter to accusing me of calling people "savages" in earnest, you are well on your way to completely destroying irony as it is understood in the civilized world.

verily val, thou hast made mincemeat of whatever sarcasm my tired brain wanted to put forth.

i havent been reading the right-wing loony bins lately, but it must be doing ok with people like val to keep it festering at the right level of stupid
  • Posted at 11:44 AM | By Anonymous almostinfamous

I must reiterate an idea I put forth in one of your previous posts about Cuba. If Castro dies, and somehow the Cuban gov't collapses, I've got to believe (especially now that I've seen a bit of what passes for thought in the anti-Castro, anti-Chávez wings) the Cuban people will be saying to themselves: "¿Significa esto que los cabrones regresan?"

Instead of taking time to call people savages

You know, Val, purposefully pretending not to understand sarcasm just makes you look ignorant, not above-the-fray.

you are well on your way to completely destroying irony as it is understood in the civilized world.

I thought Kissinger winning the Nobel Peace Prize already did that?

Enough of this crud. I thought having a pet wingnut would be fun, like having a pet scorpion. Instead, it's painful and creepy, like having a tamagotchi.

I think my next post will just be some half-nekkid hotties for Smartypants...

I love it for the telling of a librarian that he needs to learn how to read.

that alone was worth the price of admission. Thanks Val, you have truly set a new bar.

He's not a puppet, right?

nope. My first post honestly got his goat. And because I misattributed the article, he figured he was well-matched, brain-wise, with yours truly. So he braved the bloggity seas to come over here and crap in my sandbox.

Only he wasn't a match. And then in my follow-up, he pretty much lost it...

Val, Val...jack asses should never try to hide their backside.

Call me a sadomasicist, but I like pet scorpions.

I prefer pet tarantulas.

It's all about me.

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