From The True Americans (tm) Who Brought You The Reagan Dime...

Ore : 9:10 AM

...But probably not the Dr. Zaius Nickel.

I just saw this one for the first time this morning:

Surely even a BDS-suffering effete Hollywood liberal couldn't say no!
One is patriotic and one is splodeydope islamofascism. If you can't tell the difference, you belong at Gitmo.

Alas, the eagle on the obverse does not appear to be crying enormous, goopy, silver tears... I suppose well just have to settle, be happy that at least some people haven't forgotten that tragic day.

As Aasif Mandvi said, "Tough day, great opportunity.": Capitalism is a glorious thing, as long as we don't let
lieberal muslamonazi symps hamper it.

(Post inspired and partially informed by my brother, who's visiting for a bit.)

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Comments for From The True Americans (tm) Who Brought You The Reagan Dime...
This is almost as bad as those videos that were offered for sale of the news coverage of September 11 ONE WEEK LATER.

I was working in a video store that fall and I opened the new catalog and my jaw fell off when I reached the current events section. Utterly crass.

Forged from the metal from the actual knives that were used to cut the balls off of terrorist assholes in Cuban prison camps.

teh, you have a severe prejudice against fear...and I thane'k it's high time you come to grips 'wit it!

Youse can see the one is suspiciously crescent-shaped.

Only with a trained eye developed by years of grain alcohol ingestion can you see it in its true mexlamofascistmentarianism.

oh my!

Those coins would definitely getting stuck in the Pepsi machine.

When I saw the commercial for this, I didn't realize that you could make the buildings stand up

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