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...On the National Geographic channel: in it, Osama is referred to as "...the man we fear the most." Huh? First of all, thanks for presuming to speak for me, weirdos. Secondly, and this is probably why I'm a kooky moonbat, but I actually don't fear him. I certainly don't fear him as much as I fear those whom I feel fear him too much -- especially those in positions invested with great power who use others' fear to effect political change in our country.

Weird, I know...

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well, yeah, but would you say that to bobby brown's face?


I concur with you, Teh!

Come back to my blog already, I am sorry I pooped on your things!~

The man I fear the most?

Probably this one guy who likes to clear brush at a ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Yeah, once I knew he had a thing for Whitney, I knew he was a total terrorist poseur. Now if it were Courtney Love...

I also fear Lenny Kravitz. He scares me too.

Just sayin'

You guys are being too tough for liberals! Conservatives talk tough so they're the toughest of the tough and how dare you try and make fun of their lack of experience!

Amen. The buffoon bully is far more dangerous.

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