Mini-Review: V For Vendetta

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Distinct from Wolcott (IIRC -- on a country connection right now and don't want to wait for a page to load so I can check), I found the pacing to be adequate, the dialogue not overly verbose; attractively thoughtful, or at least, defensible. The action was sublime. You just know Jesus is just grinning heartily at the props given to queers. At its heart, I found the film philosophically, and by extension ideologically (yes, forgive me my J. Goldbergism), sound. My big nitpick, which disproportionately ruined the movie for me: Natalie Portman. Not her emotional range or her connection to the material -- those were above reproach. But that goddamned English accent seems somehow to have stuck in her craw... Or perhaps her palate. I haven't the foggiest what Alan Moore's problems were -- did he require that Evey be English? Must she be waifish and winsome and ambiguously Semitic? Did the part have to be filled by an American actress? -- but this shit just ain't happenin'. The part might have been better served if filled by Jolie or (god help me) Paltrow: two other American actresses who, faults notwithstanding, are far superior in their command of the Queen's English. Just sayin'. Otherwise, bang-up job.

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Don't like Natalie Portman. I'm sure she's a fine person and all, but I harbor an entrenched bigotry against waifs on the screen.

I agree with her misuse of the English accent, but otherwise I think Portman is a fine actress. She should have told George Lucas to take a flying leap when offered a part in his last trainwreck trilogy, though.

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