At Least My Cooking Doesn't Explode...

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Which Young Ones character are you?

You are Vyvyan!

Your childhood will only encourage you to spread the chaos elsewhere. Think globally, Act locally. You will either invent a new chemical agent capable of wiping out entire ant species, or invent a new ant species capable of wiping out entire chemical plants. You will meet and fondle the first person who has a fetish for push-ups and fore-head studs.

Warning: Stay away from open flame!
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Comments for At Least My Cooking Doesn't Explode...
I'm Mike:

You are Mike!
Your economic ambitions fuel your secrecy with others. But you hold all the cards, so who gives a toss! You will have numorous anonymous relationships, several concubines, several sexual harassment suits, but no attachments. Good news: your name will be in the history books (well, you've bought all the copyrights)


Christ, AG, you're such a Jew...

pipe down faggy.

I'm Vyv too.


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