There's Something About Michelle Malkin...

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And no, it's not what the Rightists self-contradictorily say: "Oh, he's a racist and a misogynist." "Oh, he's just mad 'cos she gets to say shit that if a white man said it, he wouldn't have a career." Oh, she has power and wealth because she chose the dark side and he's just jealous of that. Basically.

No. Something about that evil bitch bothers me because she reminds me of something I've been obsessing over for several years now (and where better than a blog to air grudges that should have died years ago?)

It was supposed to be a simple BART trip, from 16th Street to Powell. We were feeling happy and light -- faggoty, if you will. Dennis was on a typically hilarious tear about Trannyshack bitches, and Vincent was laughing his evil, Snuggly-bear laugh. I was laughing too, but also paying attention to my surroundings. That's when I saw them.

They were sitting two rows back from the sliding doors, in the ratty gray, spotted and stained, ghetto-ass BART seats. They were beautiful and impeccable. He was white, blue-eyed with a shaved head, a perfect body under that Navy-blue Brooks Brother's sheath; a statuesque face. She was equally gorgeous: dark as mahogany, face a bit hard but beautiful, perfectly straight braids (if they were extensions, they were high-fucking-class). They canoodled prettily.

But they had something to say to each other about "the faggots." Us. And it wasn't cute and playful. They said it with a tone that promised menace. And the two of them together could have taken me on easily. They were muscular and perfect.

And I wanted to say something that I didn't at the time have the presence of mind or the courage to say.

I wanted to say: You know what, pretty fuckers? The reason you're here, the reason you can PDA all over the fucking BART train? That would be me. That would be because my grandmother joined the Communist party and ran with Black Panthers in Richmond; you can love each other in public because she marched with Martin Luther Fucking King, Jr. on Selma. Because my dad dared denounce Richard Nixon to his superior officer when in Vietnam. Because my mom broke her knuckles against the corporate glass ceiling in the 1970s (she was one of the many losers, alas; but she fought nonetheless...) Because when Dick and Condi and George said there were WMDs in Iraq and we had to go in, I showed up at Dolores Park and made my voice heard.

You are there because I am fucking there. Because I was and always will be there.

So you know what, pretty couple with a bizarre sense of morality? Fuck you. Fuck you both dry and in the ass.

Fuck. You. Both. Very. Fucking. Much.

Something about Michelle reminds me of those two, for some reason or another...

(H/T to Gordon's deliciously evil, hawttt spawn. Just 'cos.)

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Comments for There's Something About Michelle Malkin...

Rest assured that I'm the one who got immediately and directly into their face for that bullshit.

I've talked (more than a few) Gibson-esqe drunks into being thrown out of bars for taking a swing at me (and missing), gotten cheers from crowded trains for telling the skinhead to shut the eff up already, and I've left many a random stranger speechless and embarressed with just a few chosen words, after they have "spoken their mind".

When my righteousness meets their righteousness, I win. Both because I'm right, and because they are speaking out of blind fear. Fear is so easy to beat.

I may not be perfect, but I am one who stands up, every time, speaks, and will not fear ridicule

and I do stand up for you. every. single. time.

If push comes to shove, I will also lay them out flat. It's only come to that once, but I won that round too.

and the look on his face when I was kneeling on his hand, about to crush his adams apple with my forefingers*, and I whispered in his ear "maybe you should reconsider fighting for your beliefs", was priceless.

Physical violence is never ever the way to convince them, in fact it only encourages them, but having it available as a failsafe is always good.

So what would I have said as an icebreaker on that train? Fisrt round pf comments and I would have sat down silently immediatly next to them. Second round? "Damn, you two looked SO beautiful until you opened your mouth"

I know the type, They'd have eaten it.

* for the record, the bouncer hid me in the back of the bar when the cops came, mainly because after the whisper, I got up and walked away, no punches thrown.

I need to pay more attention when riding the BART train. 16th/Mission is my stop to go to work. Loved the Bobby Lightfoot piece.

Thank teh teh. I recently had a similar set of remarks to a friend of mine regarding Plan B and the abortion movement. Thanks for validating my thoughts.

And thanks for saying what we've all said about Michelle and the traitor Jewish man she married.

i am SOOOO going drinking with mdhatter someday.

that sir, is a plan.

teh for president, mothafuckahs.

what we have here, my bumwranglin' buddies, is an unholy alliance. And dad gum it, it feels GOOD.

One of the reasons I love to visit San Francisco is that it offers me a little recess from the raging homophobia and nitwit conservatism that are par for the course on my job.

Chicago is in many ways an international city, a staunchly Democratic city, but it is also Podunk. It is full of people who orient themselves by their fears and hatreds. It is the place where Dr. MLK saw naked, seething racism so intense that it almost made him run back to the Jim Crow South. It is a place where the most vibrant, fun, culturally alive neighborhood in the city is still used as a derogatory punch line amongst the rubes.

I'm normally a very mind-my-own-business, nonconfrontational type of person in public, teh, but if I take my young daughter on BART and that kind of shit goes down in front of her, I'm going to have to say some rude shit to the homophobes. Hell, I'm likely to spout off on CTA, as well. Maybe I should get as indignant as mdhatter and just form a habit of denouncing homophobes everytime they open their ignorant, insecure pieholes.

Rudeness is bad enough. Open, contemptuous bigotry should not go unchallenged. Fuck 'em.

Oh, and thanks for the Bobby Lightfoot link. That's good shit.

Malkin is just disgusting. I try to avoid exposure to her ilk.

Good post. More people need to speak up more often (me inlcuded).

Maybe when fuckers like the pair on the BART know this shit is not acceptable, we can really start changing things.

My fave BART story was Ash Wednesday some year listening to some steakheads coming back from mass talking about Protestant crimes against the Irish in 400 AD. Like some twisted version of history to make the IRA legit by some drunk American-Irish cobags that really didn't have anything invested in Ireland except some shtick. It was scary.

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