A Little Strawberries & Cream

Ore : 11:42 AM

To tide you little perverts over on your unwelcome Tuesday back at work:

There's more than
one reason to love Queens of the Stone Age...

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Comments for A Little Strawberries & Cream
cannae stand their music but this interview is fantastic.

Perverts. Nice.

pop: TAKE IT BACK!!!

ag: you're welcome!

ps to ev'reebodah: I know he likes to flash on stage. Can someone find me a pic, please!

Quit gaying all over Josh Homme!

I love his responses in that interview! funny shit!

When did Craig Kilborn start a band?

I want his guitar.

"When did Craig Kilborn start a band?"

this is the funniest thing chuckles has ever said.

And it only took 130,000 monkeys and their associated typewriters about 17 months to come up with that line.

Who is he? Besides my daddy, I mean...

Res, Josh Homme.

Looks like a poor man's Billy Zoom except less creepy.

whvtnwwt - I'll get you for this teh!

I'm a huge QOTSA fan, but it's disconcerting to realise he's not into acid - he comes up with that stuff while straight.

I assumed they all had massive drug problems, Nick Oliveri in particular. To find out they're that off the wall without chemical assistance is unnerving.

Yeah. I was sure Nick Oliveri was a tweeker. But what do I know?

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