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The cover shows a bracing dusk shot of the New York City skyline from the Chrysler building. The headline reads "What We Lost."

Apparently, the losses include any sort of editorial sense or connection with reality.
One feature is a retrospective written a quarter of a century from now (a retrospective from THE FUTURE!!!) of our times, of the first few years following the attacks. It is written by such a font of wisdom as smug boarding-school bottom and uncreditable imperialist Niall Ferguson, primarily to couch his reheated noodlings that that was the day "America fell to Earth," and that it behooves us now to assume the diadem of Rome and of Britannia, lest the wogs win, yadda-yadda-yadda. But here, he bemoans nothing; he is optimistic! His crack (or should I say cracked?) projections assure us that everything works out peachy keen: George W. Bush knew what he was doing all along, and the 2030s find the American Spiritâ„¢ "alive and kicking" just fine, thank you very much. (No word if the kicking is a reaction to hypoxia suffered during a botched force feeding at a secret detention center...) And then there's Max Boot (AFAIK his real name, meaning we simply must take him seriously), a man who lacks the accuracy even of a stopped clock -- every prediction and analysis he's offered since September 11, 2001 has been so thoroughly wrong and gleefully malicious I half expect Donald Rumsfeld to start taking notes glossed with bunches of gosh gollys and gee-willikers -- dons his most reasonable, least blood-spattered party hat (one must assume for the benefit of the 61% of Americans who aren't nuts and who realize we've been had, for one thing, on Iraq) to inform us in reasonable, somber tones that while yes, although everything Bush has done so far seems to be a failure, we just haven't given his freedom agenda enough time and breathing space. He's kind of like Tom Friedman with a sneer and less mass in his frontal lobes.

Go ahead. Pick it up. You will be disappointed.

PS If there's any schadenfreude to be found here, it's that some
full-chested, manly-manly ones find Time's tepid and limp attempt at wingnuttia as pathetic as I do, if for rather delusional reasons...

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It is written by such a font of wisdom as smug boarding-school bottom and uncreditable imperialist Niall Ferguson

If scientists set out to genetically engineer a human specifically for the purpose of making me want to punch that human in the mouth over and over again, they couldn't do better than little missy Ferguson. He's the platonic form of "asking for it".

How hilarious, Res, that you commented so, probably even before I made my little comment on your excellent Sully piece...

All I have to say about 09/11 is that -- it happend under GWB's leadership. Say what you will, but that is fact. Maybe he should have responded differntly to the news while the Pet Goat was being read. Maybe he should have responded to the memo on 08/06/01 warning. Just maybe he should have shown up sooner than 09/14/01 to steal the glory from Rudy, who was no hero because he was doing his job!

And just maybe, we'll vote differntly this year in honor of the lives that were lost a mere five years ago.

Wow, the Colossus is bad bad bad. The only thing worse than pasty, out-of-breath Jonah Goldberg style huffing and puffing is pasty, out-of-breath British Jonah Goldberg style huffing and puffing.

Also, future predictions are always bogus. The goddamned Jetsons led me to believe I was only going to be working 3 hours a day and able to eat a pill that tastes like a steak dinner.

Thanks for the link.

And Brando, I was aiming for "bad bad bad bad", so I guess I missed the mark.


The C.

Ah, the great C has commented :)

How odd (if indeed you wrote that post in earnest) that we would find ourselves united, if only in our disdain for Time.

I think we can all get behind the "disdain for TIME" platform . . . if nothing else.

Was I in earnest? Yes, although I was probably more angry than earnest. When my blog persona is serving mock-Churchill soup, it's a pretty sure sign I've gotten angry.

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