Heterosexual Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

Ore : 9:16 PM

I'm curious: do these ladies even place with you? And where? How divergent are my tastes, based as they are more on abstract aesthetics and respect for talent (or if not talent, then a certain juh-huh-say-kwah) than on actual, sexual attraction? (And yes, I linked to the movies in which I thought they appeared their best...)

Category: Actresses
Time Period: Mid 80s to Early 90s.
Michelle Pfeiffer
Joan Chen
Mia Sara
Sharon Stone
Winona Ryder
Grace Jones
Virginia Madsen
Ione Skye
Demi Moore

What say you? (And NO! NO ELIZABETH SHUE FOR YOU!!!)

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Comments for Heterosexual Gentlemen, Start Your Engines
1) Very much so during the time period, less so once she seemed to retreat into her skeleton

3) Legend? Probably,er, YES>

8) Yes

9) Maybe. I haven't seen "Say Anything"

10) Not really. She has kind of a masculine face.

They aren't really that divergent- it basically depends on who you talk to- do they judge on "bangability" or do they kind of, like many people need something else to say that they actually like the person- you seem pretty "straight', I guess, maybe a little eclectic and certainly very 80s, early 90s.

mmmmmmmmmmm...Joan Chen

PP: #1, yeah that's why I specified the time period I did. #3, Mia definitely has something, doesn't she? Esp. in Legend and FB's Day Off.
#8, And she probably could have ranked higher -- I'd understand if she did with you. And some guys might think she looks even hotter now (Sideways)...
#9, I think she might be an acquired taste for some guys...
#10, Yeah, but Ashton thinks she's hot. Guys I've talked to always had a crush on her voice...

I guess my point is, as bangability really isn't a factor in my rankings, how would these hold up to a straight guy?

pt: Yes, and she still looks pretty good. Some really shitty career choices, though...

If you have one hand on the frame advance button on your remote during #10, you can totally see Rob Lowe's naked 1980s hotness.

(Go to the part where he's in front of the open fridge door.)

Your other hand? It's on the pause button. You have to press pause, and then frame advance. Pervs.

Ohhhh, Demi! She's lost her appeal but when I was 15 I wore the skin off my palm watching About Last Night on HBO.

1. Not really.
2. Not really.
3. I hit that years ago. If she needs the cash, she can call me again.
4. Meh.
5. She looked alright in Basic Instinct 2's commercials.
6. Why not? I've got ten free minutes.
7. Not really.
8. Mine.
9. Not really.
10. Not really. Fakel tees.

CHuckles you are so full of it. You so did not jump Sloane.

Michelle Pfeiffer has always been the actress I have crushed on most deeply (even after retreating into her skeleton). 100% hetro.
I think you do pretty well in the hetro scale, perhaps a bit too much emphasis on aloof beauty (Iman, Grace Jones, Joan Chen) and less on raw sexuality in the absence of talent (e.g. contemporaries Sonja Braga, Pam Anderson).

1. No
2. Totally
3. Totally
4. To "drag queenie"
5. Too old
6. Yes (just so I could tell my friends)
7. NO! I'm not gay, dude.
8. Totally
9. Yes, but only if she were kind of chubby so I could tell my friends)
10. Totally (but I don't really claim to have the highest standards)

1) Nope, nothing there. Vastly overrated, I think.
2) I like her as an actress, but no hotness there.
3) Nada. A waifish, pseudo-Oriental fad-girl, methinks.
4) A bit of creepiness, to be sure. Must be the whole 'supermodel' vibe.
5) Turn-off; can't say why.
6) Even in the mid 80s to early 90s, I wanted her to disappear. Extremely annoying. Way too skinny, also.
7) She'd be cool to hang out with, as long as I could be certain she wasn't in any way attracted to me.
8) The only one on this list who merits so much as one electron traveling from my brain to my groin (or however that works). She does it for me. Seems more like a real woman, less like a Hollywood construct.
9) Who? Oh, um...
10) >ack< Her looks and acting skills seemed to improve with advancing years, childbearing, and (God help me for saying this, but) plastic surgery.

fish: Oops. I think the "overemphasis on aloof beauty" kinda outs me.

butchie: I find your lack of pretense, or indeed, standards, refreshing.

cs: picky picky!

sh: Oops. I think the "overemphasis on aloof beauty" kinda outs me.

Naw, you could pull it off unless you have a Katherine Hepburn poster on your wall...

teh: I loved Joan Chen in Saving Face. Granted, most of her big-budget choices were abysmal, but how else was a talented non-Aryan, non-waif actress supposed to make a buck in Hollywood in the late 80s to mid 90s?

Of course, my aesthetically and "bangability" based disdain for waifs and Hollywood generic types (especially meagerly talented ones) might explain my lack of enthusiasm for your list.

Then again, one of my first media crushes was on Charo, so what the hell do I know?


fish: Does Judy Tenuda count?

cs: sadly it's still the same for many Asian actresses in Hollywood today. But things might be getting better...

And Charo? The superannuated Mexican leather muppet? Ay-ay-ay!

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