Fridge Note To U.S. Federal Government

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I'm the first one to look askance at conspiracy theories, but you make it so hard to combat such bullshit when you do stuff like this. Knock it off.

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Not that I trust the current government all that much, but the article talks about something that happened over 40 years ago. So the people who did it can't respond to your call to knock it off, since virtually all of them are dead now.

Even so, I'm sure there are types like them around now.

My mother was a secretaty (typist) for the Joint Cheifs of Staff at the Pentagon circa 59 - 63.

To this day she jokes about her security clearance being higher than my dad's (a navy pilot) and about how she still can't talk about what she knows.

not kidding.

Jess, I think the point is that such activities were seriously being discussed at the highest levels of our government. Also, consider that just a few years later that same government (albeit with a few different faces) manufactured the Gulf of Tonkin incident in order to justify escalation in Vietnam. I don't have the time to recall all the mess and bloodshed our government has sponsored in Latin America and the Middle East in the interim.

Now, set aside your cognitive dissonance and pretend you've been watching all this from somewhere else. Do you really think that an executive administration that would go so far as to stealing office wouldn't stoop to such Machiavellian depths as (at the very least) allowing a dramatic attack on U.S. soil to go through?

We (the U.S. electorate) have not once marched en masse on Washington D.C. and demanded that our gov't stop its dirty deeds. We've not once risen up in anger and voted out all the congressional incumbents who refused to hold the executive accountable for such deeds. So why should it be so far-fetched that one administration might decide to push the envelope a bit more, knowing that the odds of getting away with it would be pretty short?

Before you snort your derisive retort about 'conspiracy theory,' keep in mind my favorite line from "The Usual Suspects": "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." In reality, Jess, it is a trick we insist on pulling over ourselves.

Yes, Jess, those guys are dead, but there is such a thing as institutional memory. My point was simply that when there's historical precedent for a certain kind of behavior, it makes it much harder to defend against accusation of it.

Why is this not a bigger news story? This is appalling.

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Jason: Our corporate media have a vested interest in only half-assedly doing their jobs as the fourth estate...

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