Never Forget

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And how could we? We're reminded of it every single day. Every day we watch Bush and his supporters continue to paint themselves into a corner -- on the one hand, convincing America that she'll be safe only with them in charge, and on the other, telling her on a regular basis that she must be continually frightened out of her wits -- without actually getting stuck. No mean feat that...

Anyway, while I certainly don't need reminding, it makes sense to have 9/11 stuff on teevee. I like to observe that day and honor the lives lost on it in
my own way. But I see the sense in airing memorials and remembrances. However, watching George W. Bush -- after all we know, after all we've lost, after all he's done and failed to do, as he continues to do Osama's work for him -- get a sloppy, slobbery, deep rimjob from Matt Lauer is a bit much.

I'm trying to keep my breakfast down, people.

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Double speak makes me nauseous too.

That's a butt-load of links. And I clicked them all. I kept clicking on "deep rimjob from Matt Lauer" but walked away disappointed...

It was just revolting.

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