What I'm Shaking My Ass To

Ore : 10:54 AM

This is my first video post. I've avoided embedding YouTube stuff to date out of sensitivity to my readers who have slow connections or can't view these for whatever reason. But what the hell...

Le Disko, "Shiny Toy Guns"

Phoenix, "If I Ever Feel Better"

(View the vid for their new, very good single

Asobi Seksu, "Thursday"

(Okay, more so their more recent single "New Years," but I can't find a video.)

CSS, "Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above"

(Super adorable video, n'est pas?)

Thom Yorke, "Black Swan"

(Not sure if this is the official video -- think so, but I yet to see "Scanner..." And can one really shake one's ass to Yorke?)

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Comments for What I'm Shaking My Ass To
shake that ass bitch and let me see what you got!

Thanks Indy -- can we get a teh teh ass shaking U tube video?

I came to show you mad love.

I think you like girls, dude.

Dude, Chuckles, what are you implying, huh? That I'm like straight or something? You calling me a breeder freak???


teh, I heart you in an inappropriate manner! Can I offer you my nellie little brother? He's got a great personality, green eyes, he's a ripe peach and he likes the boys. I could live vicariously through him while enjoying the ban of Chuckless.

Awesome AG is a white slaver!

You heard me right the first time.

I'm calling you out.

Bring it on you hetro freak! I LIKE WANG AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT!!!

Yeah, VERA Wang.

Hey, when I assault SF, we should totally go check out some titty bars and celebrate your coming out of the homosexual closet.

Forget you North Beach sucks ass.

We're going to the Detour, baby, yeah!

Dude, you keep forgetting that you're straight now.

It is all about TITS now, not asses.

Tits, all up in your face.

I was finished with the old flesh zeppelins by age 1 and 1/2. GROW UP! GET A BRIAN, MORAN!!2@!!1!

seriously - what would happen if we took teh to the hungry i and had some chick put her breasticles in his face for 5 minutes?

Seriously, what if we took chuckles to folsom gulch and put his wang through a glory hole?

Pop, don't encourage this coming out session of Chuckles. I mean encourage, but teh teh likes the man popsicle. It's totally kewl. It's Chuckles who is struggling.

I'll tell you what would happen if teh actually got his hands on some beautiful breasticles, Pop. Dude would be reconverted right back to straightism in about 3.49 minutes. No man can resist beautiful breastisses.

Beatiful breastisses are the precioussissess.

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