So Fascist It Hurts

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"Socialized medicine is not the solution to our state's health care problems," sez the Gov's ghostwriter. Apparently neither he nor Schwarzenegger have heard of MediCal. Is he so allergic to sensible policy? Does he clutch his stormtrooper belt buckle in terror when thinking of single-payer plans -- thinking that from there it is but a very steep, very slippery slope into a California full of comrades in drab olive uniforms festooned with red stars?


If he doesn't have a better solution, he should not have vetoed it. I mean, take a trip down Santa Monica Blvd., through San Francisco's Tenderloin, or through California's poverty-stricken rural Central Valley, and tell me we don't need a fucking healthcare solution.

Send this dipshit a message. I know I will.

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This whole debate is a testament to the power of words and the laziness of the American people.

I don't know how many people I hear complain about the health care system (and these people are insured) and then finish by thanking god that we don't have socialized medicine like they do in Canada and the UK. It's the word "socialized" and their intelectual laziness, which cause them discount the option without any real thought.

Take a moment to call them on it! Ask them why it would be such a bad thing? Usually, if they're half-way intelligent they'll mutter something about expense, quality and rationing.

Point out that the US has the highest per capita health care cost in the industrialized world but that a large fraction of the population remains uncovered. Which means that the per capita cost of those actually recieving health care is even higher!

Point out that according to the great satan (the UN) the quality of care in the US is somewhere in the middle of the pack - similar to that of poor little old New Zealand.

And ask them if it's wrong or unfair to ration healthcare based on who needs it the most as opposed to who can pay the most for it? Mention that if they're really concerned about getting the healthcare they need private options will be available at likely reduced prices because the providers/insurance companies will have to compete with the MUCH MORE EFFICIENT government health care system.

Try not to tell them to eat it.

There was an article in Time recently stating how good the VA hospitals have become and how vetrans are now choosing them over private hospitals. Hmmm, let's see. government run defeating "open market" competition. Must make Jonah Goldberg's head hurt.

I know of an american doctor who has an actual plan for 'single-payer' health care in the US.

He's running the DNC right now, and kicking some a'

he's a real scream.

Gregor: I know. I'd hate to alienate them. But goddammit...

fish: My dad certainly likes the VA.

mdhatter: YEEEARGHHHH!!!

The Genius' Health Care Plan in three easy parts:

Step 1: Have multiple siblings.
Step 2: Make sure one of them marries a doctor.
Step 3: Try to find one for yourself.

But seriously, the problem that I have heard about other nationwide health care programs (Canada) is that it doesn't get funded quite as well as it needs.

chuckles: Well if that is the case, it certainly isn't a logical argument against universal healthcare. As a sidenote: why is it that the first example that always comes up in such a discussion Canada? Why not also discuss France's system? Sweden's?

Just wondering...

When GM and Ford finally start pushing single payer healthcare this debate will really take off.

Of course they will be for it for bottom line reasons only, not the well being of our fellow citizens. But I'll take it however we get it.

Elmo, I agree w/ your take on needing big business to get behind national health care. Why they haven't yet realized it's in their best interests I'll never know.

I think Canada's is the first health care plan mentioned because it's the one we hear the most about. But you're right, teh, that most of the problems cited are not major: not quite enough funding, longer waits for some stuff, etc. Still beats the heck out of no funding, die waiting.

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