News You Can Abuse

Ore : 7:48 AM

HAHAHAHA!!11!!!1!@! TEH L4M3 5TR<35 4G4\!!!!1!!!1@1


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Comments for News You Can Abuse
this. is. HILARIOUS.

Oh teh teh! So naughty, so adorable and so playing the same side of the team as AG.

So sad!

I am however curious what the story is with Anna Nicole's son. It is most likely actually a cardiac event. He's just the age for it.

I love it

regular feature? maybe once a week- do it!

pr: Life is a pigsty.

ag: I'm betting a bad mix of GHB and crystal. FIRE ISLAND MOB HIT!!1!!!1!

madame: It loves you.

pp: If you're fortunate.

omg! I love you!

indy: you are a precious snowflake from god!

nice penis

md: thanks. I lacquered and bedazzled it myself.

Spray paint utility: as good as real spray without the brain lesions.

Harder to huff, though.

chuckles: hard? I think not! FATROBOT taught me how.

Fabulous! Especially the pope one, lol.

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