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This movie should have been titled 'Screaming; Skull'
Can I borrow some flesh?"

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One of the best ways to be successful is to lower the bar for success.

Shorter Chertoff -- We might be able to protect New York or LA, but you're on your own, Des Moines.

Isn't this how we beat the Soviets in the Cold War? We outspent them.

And now we are outspending ourselves.

brando: More like, "Des Moines, Omaha, we got yer back; New York? There aren't any targets in New York..."

chuckles: and that's how terrorists win: turn us into our own worst enemies...


He reminds me of one of "The Gentlemen" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Oh yeah, huh, from "Hush," when Willow and Tara first begin to explore their lesbionic impulses...

Yes, I am a Buffy geek.

Hey, when Willow and Tara first began to explore their lesbian tendencies, we all became Buffy geeks.


[ag]You chuckwagon are a SEXIST PIG!!! AG does not like SEXIST PIGS! AG bans CHUCKLES AND HIS CHAUVINISM!!![/ag]



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