Laura Ingraham Is A Turd

Ore : 11:30 AM

Coulter beware!  Ashcroft's other concubine is comin' up on your 6!
"Thanks Matt... Whatsyer last name again? Couric?"

Oh, bwah-ha-ha, Laura, BWAH-FUCKING-HA-HA. Of course, I'd be bitter and childishly petty too if my favorite
Bush buttboy in the corporate media began to err on the side of the American people...

I dunno, Laura, what do you think? Maybe we should deliver the Today Show heartthrob into the tender ministrations of Jack Bauer -- after all, the American people just love 24, which is exactly the same as having
a national referendum on waterboarding, force-feeding, electrocution, stress positions, naked pyramids, anally inserting chemical lightsticks, and circumventing the U.S. Judiciary.


(PS Yeah I'm sorta back...)

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Comments for Laura Ingraham Is A Turd
I heard those chem-light sticks are every bit as safe as silicon implants. Just as long as they don't break, right.

Perhaps Matty boy could demonstrate that on the Today show... as a penance as it were.

Perhaps Matty boy could demonstrate that

I'd tune in.

Welcome back.

Nice post. I wasn't aware of what Matt was like to Kitty. What an ass!

glad you are back! great post!

I remember being completely dumbfounded by Dr. L's 24 comment.

Good to have you back!

i think the phrase you're looking for is "jumping the shark."

about time you came back, yo.

Hey! So the fog has lifted?

Sort of.

Hooray, you're back! All is right with the world.

Yep, the wingers are back to the fundamentals in their playbook. Whine, blame the media claim Fear Itself as their running mate.

Where have you been, my partner in crime?

It's about time, too.

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