Today, Nothing...

Ore : 10:32 AM

So this post is dedicated to Bobby Lightfoot. Just 'cos. (Hope you can do the YouTube thing...)

Everaythang gon' be all right...

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Comments for Today, Nothing...
no it ain't

everaythang goin' straight to hell in a handbasket!

don't tell me lies!

Tell me lies/Tell me sweet little lies/Tell me lies...

Lies Lies Lies Lies

Me thinks teh teh is flirting with Bobby. Either that or he wants cash from him.

Oh AG the two so frequently go hand in hand...


a Grammy's like shit on a stick compared to this all. I always used to say- two rips of blow and a hour of Ko-ko.

That shit takes th' edge off right there.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a virtual deep-throat pole-smoking.

Slurp, swallow, and SCENE!

madame is so bitter these days.

I think everybody just needs to get laid.

I don't know why because T-town is much cooler. He cannot be bitching about the heat.

Post something new, please.

Everaythang gon' get worse before it gets better.


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