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Applying for new and sucky, albeit higher-paying job; working on novel; busy at current job; working on essay for contest; getting ready for this weekend's SF trip -- my hands are full.

So I got nothin'...

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Not just Pegasus but a Pegasus/unicorn hybrid.

come to the ambient mafia party saturday night, teh.

don't forget Daddies, Blow Buddies, the End-Up, Eagle...

I think the picture was inspired by Clay Aiken.

smarty: with rainbow wings, no less!

pr: Hmmm... We'll see. Dinner engagement earlier that evening, but then, who knows?

mr: Daddies (now 440 -- has become kinda yuppiefied like the other Castro bars): maybe; my friends'll want to go. BB: Never been! Maybe... End-Up: Blech -- hanging out with tweekers in the middle of nowhere? No thanks! Eagle: But of course! Beer bust, here I come...

She-ra? Yeah, your hands are full alright...

pagolmhx - super extreme pagan

oh, I posted your favorite college football team.

Full hands aren't so bad.

Don't forget that I am tearing the streets of TUSTOSAN apart from the 17th through the 25th of October.

I expect you to be there with some freaking bells on.

working on novel too

been in hospital so sorry for not replying to your comment at my place


Did teh teh get a job and forget to come back?

Oh yeah, as if the horse wasn't enough of a phallic symbol before, you had to fit it with a fricking three feet horn and put the girl in a miniskirt. Subtle, that.

new job?

donde esta la biblioteca?

Keep your sword sharp and your unicorn polished.

You never know when an ambiguously gay superhero might drop by.

you need to come back to the five and dime and post skiffy soon. i refuse to watch bsg, and i want your take on david tennant.

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