A Shard From The Tip of the Republican Iceberg

Ore : 11:36 AM

Really, at this point, I wouldn't be surprised at all if Little Ricky Santorum really was boning a German Shepard. A male German Shepard.

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Comments for A Shard From The Tip of the Republican Iceberg
The Rethugs really are giving assholes a bad name.
How'd the job thingie go, teh? And hurry up with that novel, why dontcha.

No sex was had - just some very lewd walkies . . .

I love the whole Mark Foley is gay thing now. It makes it hard for the liberals to say anything.

You've got to be kidding me! These people will stop at nothing.

I think that it's commendable that he takes an active interest in the well being of minors.


A German Shepherd named Col. Klink.

i saw a bumpersticker today that brought a smile to my face.


I know it's a fucked up world when I'm posting and you're not.

Come back soon, OK?

I miss you, Teh.

Update you blog, jerkwad!

Yah. What they said! Hope all's well.

.. just some very lewd walkies. .


And 'course it was a male GS. A bitch couldn't take his name or raise his pup--er kids, so what good would she really be?


ok i'm back (for now).

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