Diebold and the Beautiful in Cali

Ore : 10:33 AM

Just some random, disjointed thoughts on my sample ballot for my district:

1. While it's heartening to see such a rich field of third-party candidates, there is simply too much at stake this election. I'll be voting a straight Democratic ticket -- sorry, Pete Camejo, sorry, Donna Warren. A sidenote: I just adore how the Republicans don't even bother hiding it anymore; their candidate for Insurance Commissioner is Steve Poizner (yeesh!), and their candidate for State Senator is "Dick" Mountjoy (double yeesh!). Eat your hearts out, Dick Armey and Rectal Brown!

2. Sorry, Wally Herger, you need to go down (though I would hope not on Mr. Mountjoy -- ba-da-bing!)

3. Yes on 1A through 1D. No-brainers.

4. I'm refusing to be bullied on 83. If they're chronic offenders, they shouldn't be on parole or probation, and there are already laws on the books that help law enforcement keep well enough track of possible recidivists. Parents need to take up some of the slack here. Besides, the possible benefits of such a program do not outweigh the costs, and implementing such a program creates a sort of blind spot for cops and voters -- considering how many victims are made victims not at the hands of strangers, but at the hands of parents and other family members, we can't afford to be lulled into the false sense of security offered us by 83. And no doubt some of this program's funding will be taken from CPS, where we need it more than we need another Big Brother program which would surely be ripe for abuse...

5. Yes on 84, but expect it to be killed by OC Repubs, Central Valley voters.

6. 85 is evil. No, no, no. We have enough attempts at self-administered abortions, and domestic abuse and murder by parents without regressive, misogynistic propositions like 85. If whoever keeps submitting this bullshit loves poorly veiled theocratic oppression so much, they need to be sent to Texas -- or better yet, to anywhere in Afghanistan not controlled by Karzai's government (read: virtually all of Afghanistan.)

7. 86: As a smoker even, I say, "Sure, why the hell not?"

8. Yes on 87, and fuck you Chevron.

9. 88: Sadly, we have no choice, seeing as how our public education system is going the way of our state infrastructure (have you even driven I-5 South to Vallejo? If so, you know what I'm talking about...)

10. Yes, yes, yes on 89. Republicans always have more corporate backing than Democrats, and this might help level the playing field.

11. No position on 90.

Let's sock it to 'em, mah bitchez!

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Comments for Diebold and the Beautiful in Cali
This is awesome, I was just about to e-you that I needed my voting guide.

Philip Morris can eat me in line right behind Chevron.

What, no pot legalization initiative? I thought Cali was ahead of the curve.

Leave it to us degenerates in Nevada to try that one for a third time.

They moved my polling station from an elementary school to a wingnut golf course located back in the woods!

I think it's just super that you vote.

Yeah, me too, since I won't be voting and it doesn't matter if I do anyway.


I second anything that says Fuck You to Chevron!

How was your Halloween?

aye, fuck chevron.

PP: You're welcome.

Ron: No, we're too busy trying to make sure that teenage girls who made a mistake have to get beaten by their outraged fathers.

elmo: And the machines no doubt have Sequoia or Diebold on them...

madame: Thankee.

chuckles: Too cynical!

AG: riddled with evil, evil DEVIL-CHILDREN! RARRRR!!!

md: Me three.

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