Another Actual (ie Successful) CEO Shows Up Our "CEO President"

Ore : 9:35 AM

...Proving themselves slightly smarter than he, which isn't saying much.

Ah, Bechtel, we hardly knew you: You were never as goofily crooked as Custer Battles, as sinister as Blackwater or CACI, or as greedy, incompetent and mendacious as Halliburton and KBR. Nevertheless, we shall miss the mirthful pitter patter of your profiteering little feet over the sands of Iraq.

Really this is a nothing post, as I don't see anything in the story to recommend rewarding good corporate behavior (such as buying products or patronizing services), nor anything to recommend punishing bad corporate behavior (such as the boycotting of the aforementioned, or selling stock -- though if you ever owned stock in any companies mentioned in this post, you ought to be smacked hard in the mouth several times just on general principle.) All I see is an opportunity to acknowledge corporate behavior. Ho-hum.

Just sayin' is all...

And to my Republiconservindependelibertarian readers: apropos of all this, have you noticed that none of the smokescreens -- the nationwide sex offender and gang member round-up by Kommandant Gonzales, the White House's indignant diagnosis of Senator Kerry's foot-in-mouth disease -- none of the smokescreens are being swallowed by American voters right now? Maybe, just maybe, if your stooges in the corporate media could have gotten a few more days' mileage out of the Kerry-bashing-Bush-which-means-he's-spitting-on-the-troops non-story... But those turncoats have all but refused to pull it off!

Here's a bit of free advice (and from a liberal, it's coming to you in earnest, as opposed to the sneering, "curl up and die" advice conservapundits typically give Democrats and others): Take a lead from Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has embraced a number of soundly liberal positions in the run-up to next week. What you guys need is to prove you're tough on corporate malfeasance and corruption (ha, ha, I know, right?). What you guys need is another Enron, another Martha Stewart. Fuck the border-jumpers and the baby-humpers -- Alberto Gonzales needs to be shown taking down a crooked corporation if the Republicans want to have any hope next week. Surely there's someone who'll serve -- a firm that's out of favor with the K Street money launderers, more of whose secrets you keep than they keep yours -- perhaps a firm that's recently given up on Our Leader's Glorious Vision For Iraq And The Middle East? Surely there's some patsy that's just become available...

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Comments for Another Actual (ie Successful) CEO Shows Up Our "CEO President"
Worked for Teddy Roosevelt, too.

But bashing gays and brown people is so much fun, teh.

It's a little weird hearing a security company say it's too dangerous in Iraq. I mean, aren't they in the business of danger?

teh teh, you have been put on notice on AG's blog.

And for saying things about the brown gays, even more notice!


brando: they need to keep their eye on the ball-gag.

elmo: Actually, I think Bechtel was purely a construction firm... That said, I guess events have proven that "Danger" really isn't their middle name...

ag: You never get me...

On notice, on notice.

AG gets you, the problem is that you want to 'get' UC. There's no fun for AG in that.


Love the line about the jumpers and humpers...

Dude: you're mentioned over at my place.

So arresting thousands of criminals - including several on murder warrants - is bad?

Or was it the timing?

The timing couldn't have been at all suspect, could it...

Although on a side note, I always get a bit squidgy at the idea of federal law enforcement being employed to apprehend and arrest people who have not broken federal law, but that's just me.

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