"Of Course You Didn't, Dear. And I'm A Caribou."

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Gakked out *and* soliciting for Jesus?  How devout is that!
You really have to wonder about a guy who would admit to sucking the tina pipe before he'd admit to sucking hired cock. I mean, both are illegal and extremely pathetic. But one is definitely more shameful than the other.

Sure, I guess halfway decent cases have been made for how prostitution is a bane on society; but meth is obviously and demonstrably that. Most hookers don't destroy lives and families, don't eviscerate entire communities, don't wreak such havoc on your teeth and your complexion.

Honestly, who is this guy fooling?

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Oh, yeah, there's him...

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When I saw the report on ABC WNT last night, I thought to myself... "bottom."

BOT tom.

I can totally relate. I once tried to explain to a very nice lady cop that I bought this weed because I was curious, but I never succumbed to the temptation. I still spent two weeks in the county clink.


What I love is how the fundies are so eager to defend him from any contamination from Teh Gay, but they're like "oh yeah, the meth thing, no biggie". Sure, no problem, prominent Christian leader and pastor tweaked out of his mind after scoring from a hooker. Silly rabbits! Don't you know that drug laws are for poor people?

It was just a massage. The guy kept mentioning something about a happy ending? Who wouldn't want a happy ending? Jesus would approve.

Tweekers do indeed suck. And why are we not arresting the seller of the meth, since it's all "out in the open" now.

Here's a fun thought:

Jesus smokes tina!

He could have gotten away with the massage if it hadn't moved. That made him teh gay.

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